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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Watch Me Now"

"Watch me now"
[Keith] Watch me
"Watch me now"

[Ced Gee] Yo Kool Keith, why everybody gotta watch you?

[Kool Keith]

Well I'm the ultimate, the rhyme imperial
I'm better, but some don't believe me though
But I'm a pro in hot material

on your Walkman, Box or any stereo
Uno, dos not quatro
Spanish girls, they like to call me Pancho

On the mic, innovating this pat-ter-en
You fell off, your brain is on Sa-tur-en
Take steps, and climb my ladder-and

climb... climb, climb
Pace the rhythm, and clock the time
that I leave, come back on beat

Different, telling and selling
Like a Skyjet, plane propelling
but dwelling, deep in your skull

My rhyme shines, and yours is dull
like dirt, it hurt to be wacker
But instead, I'll grab a big stack of

wack MC's, lay em down like tile
Scrap and garbage, germs I'll pile
to keep clean, I'm a movie scene

Ears turn, and needles lean
to cut scratches, in a part that matches
I'm leavin eyes, and brains with patches

Stuck, so push my luck
For any roach, or MC duck
Just watch me

"Watch me now"
[Ced Gee] Word up, watch me now, suckers!

"Watch me now"
[TR Love] Yo Ced Gee, why everybody gotta watch you?

[Ced Gee]
I'm livin large, my record's on the radio
Everyday, you hear me, your stereo

Rappin hard, with lots of VOLUME
You hear static, well use your fine tune
knob, to tune me in better

Cause I'm Ced Gee, and I would never let a
wack MC G off with STYLE
Touch my mic, rip and smile

like a duck, you know you are a soft punk
Livin pink, your material sucks
Liver and worse than you can imagine

You best run, cause I'ma put a badge in
your brain, so you can see the real time
Grab a pen, and write down my rhyme

and learn it and learn it and learn it, until it sinks
inside your skull and you're no longer pink
but red, cause now you are a biter

Learnin from me, so I guess that is Oreida
Except if you try to be the original
rhyme imperial, the exceptional Gee

Sometimes I rhyme offbeat, awkward
but different with the rhythm
Back and forth one two and then I give em

a chance to see the world's greatest MC
Just watch me

"Watch me now"
[Ced Gee] Word up, you gotta watch me now
"Watch me now"

[Ced Gee] Moe Love, you needs to groove

[Moe Love cuts "Testify, c'mon testify"]

[Kool Keith]
I'm continuing! Back and forth

Your brain spins, facing North and
South and West, not East at a angle
But mines dangle, where's your Kangol?
It seems weird, your head is triangle
like a mango, somethin I snack on

A soft duck, somethin I smack on
Everyday, when I come outside
You step back, stay inside
your house, while you look out your window
Your girl screams, where Kool Keith go?

Walkin, while punks keep talkin
Annoyin me, MC's hawkin
On the stage, any time
I'm cold chillin, I'm wearin the rhymes
to keep warm, with the beat that's playin

You hear me now, you know what I'm sayin
to you, you and you
Your whole organization and crew
Just watch, as I enter your mind
Decorate, and paint my sign

I'm hazardous, so scatter this around
I'm Kool Keith, knockin MC's down
Just watch me, and him

[Ced Gee]
Rhythm with madness, I had to have this

chance to rock again so you can hear this
over and over and over, until I'm finished
Hey but I'm not, so here's the rhythm
A rap beat step beat keep feet happy
As we gradually slowly we'll teach
all, how to rap, I will attract
all the def girls smack the ugly ones back

and sit, as I chill, I'm drinkin Moet
Expensive champagne cause Ced Gee is a poet
Rappin and teachin, reachin levels higher
Don't wanna be king, so don't call me sire
but instead, a scientist, with the breakthrough
My rap is funky, it can relate to
you, him, her, your little brother

His older sister, your baby's mother
Cousins, aunts, your whole family
In other words, Ced Gee, I'm absolutely
the best producer, at makin rap music
I know how to use it, so just watch me

"Watch me now"

[TR Love] Yo, this is TR Love, tellin y'all to watch this
"Watch me now"
[TR Love] Germs! And we out

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