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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Underwear Pissy"

[Kool Keith:]
New York seasony! You know the reason B!
They call me Nakwan, underwear pissy

I'm wipin my $$# with rap right now, cause it's crap right now
I %#@! in your Bentley, hurry up you gotta pack right now
Make your (*##$ lick the $$#hole of a cow (mooooo)

My fetish is out of focus, I seen ^!$$%z cry
when I tear up the money, and piss on 900 thou'
Throw 800 pairs of gators in the incinerator

You ^!$$%z still think I owe you a lot of FAVORS~!
Jewelry to me is nothin but wallpaper
I burn watches and get new %#@!, no car

Taxi cab is how I do %#@!
Mercedes called me, I hung up the phone
I said I don't like to DRIVE, !#@* A NEW WHIP

I love when human ^!$$%z look like a Cabbage Patch
when I staple they lips together
Have girls come out of Creedmore and sauter they dicks together

Carry a skull around 82nd Street!
Me and your face stick together
I %#@! on top of your personal vendetta

Leave a bag of horse %#@! on your dresser
Diarrhea on your green two door Benz compressor
Wipe the doo-doo off your chest-ah! It's the %#@! investor

With thirty boa constrictors in the bag
Is Bob upstairs? We got a problem
Where the $#&@ is Lester?

I'm that ^!$$% with 16 apartments in Park Chester
Hangin in the Cincinatti Riverfront Stadium
Like Ed Umprester

I know so I don't worry, it'll come back
The evil oil voodoo, you kill yourself in a Testarosso
Doin 200 miles somewhere loco with a broke hoe

I spend a lot of cash to buy ^!$$%z
New brains for the genetics
Got they growth $#&@ed up, the mom that gave birth to 'em was, handicapped

The average monkey on the microphone, think they fast, with a handiwrap
You peep the movement, these ^!$$%z that get off the bus
can't even match !@$!ed kids!

Special schools and classes for those ^!$$%z
In the PTA meetin, I can't work with mother$#&@ers that's slow
Or high, you !@$(s are time lapsed on 'dro

Nakwan! Decon!
A.K.A. Underwear Pissy

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