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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Time To Catch A Body"

[Kool Keith]
Yeah! We gettin ready to smear peanut butter in the crowd
and throw mayonnaise all down your ears

You know what? We got some jams for you boy
Yo, ? the meltdown on em, check it out

A lot of rappers, think they can rap and then do that
Who dat? Jumpin on my !@*^s, my black scrotum
Show em that they style is cold butt, doo doo

Like a baby's heiny, a stinky funky boo boo
Kickin with more rounds, hi pops all sounds
Get with the drift, what I'm sayin? Slayin

Bringin MC's to the program
Not like H-Town, soft on a slow jam
I kick it wicked with the funky style lick it

Suck it, jump on the jock just like a groupie woopi
I make MC's look bad like Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Your mother act wild, sister act goofy

DJ's go wild and act !@$!ed, illiterate
Put me in the mix, well consider it, oh yeah
I'm down to step and throw a gun in your face

Hijack all that %#@!, spray your station with mace
I got my things in effect, all plans down
The boys ready, stupid crazy with they masks down

I walk around, okay, you think I'm jokin?
Just go to sleep and see what happen, remember
Where could I be, when you're lonely for Tony

Take him outside, on the highway for a ride
Remember when the detectives come, you don't remember anything

"Rhymin psycho.." Time to catch a body! [x6]

[Ced Gee]

I get picky picky picky, sticky sticky sticky
Give a girl a pronoun, make her get with Mickey

Mantle from the Yankees, Buckwheat and then Spanky
Froggy and with Idi, drink the Tetley Tea leaves
I kick the style to make a blind man see again

Drop ??, that's like ?? again
Fully roll out, connect with the one and two
Like Silk, "I wanna get freaky with you..

.. and let me lick you up and down," yeahhhhhh
Now back to the verse, I had some of you debatin
He's beatin up the demon, I larger ? than Satan

Hangin on the porthole, ???
I be a goody goody but that demon's always chasin me
Up the turnpike, connectin to the interstate

Yabba dabba doo! {something incecipherable}

"Rhymin psycho.." Time to catch a body! [x10]

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