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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Tim Dog Live On Capitol Radio"

Yeah, all that, don't just start right with the beat
Play that there, da-da, da-da, da-da
Yeah cause you can do your ID, you can do your ID right there

[Tim Dog]
Yeah, this is Tim Dog on the Tim Westwood show

Chorus Line leader #1
And I'ma start it off like this, aight?
I want y'all to turn your box up, and just put it on record

Yeah, like this

Roll the dice, craps, hot damn

I'm not who you think I am
I don't need a cane, cause I don't limp
Tim Dog's a pimp, and not a wimp

He's a subject matter, without the chit chatter
You're lookin at a, brother that's badder
So manifest guest the rest is blessed

Put up a test - I watch your skinny $$# 'fess
I'm the man and all girls love me
Sucker rappers try to be above me

You wanna play me like I oughta be taught?
Remember, Tim Dog ain't takin no shorts
I wanna get mine, and you get yours

And just cause your girl wanna give me some drawers
Don't get mad, try to give me some static
My posse is thick (thick) and it's automatic

With TR Love bringin up the nine
Kool Keith, comin right behind
And Ced Gee with the nine of course

And suckers out there don't even know the source
Tim Dog, hypo, nitro
And I'ma just go, and let the rhythm flow

My bass will get'cha, my rhymes will wilt ya
So sit your $$# down 'fore I backslap your (*##$ up
My rhymes will go, and just flow

And I won't even front on the tempo
I'm the Chorus Line leader #1
And I will rise with the moon and go down with sun

And my rhymes, are cocaine
Good for the brain, but drives you insane
You get hyper, you wanna get riper

But with Tim Dog it's just not that type of night
So just ready to write
Recite and recite, but just don't bite

I break $$# and smack glass you're full of flash
And you try to go, you're like dash
away, in the lobby, in the alley

Tim Dog wit'cha, beef code rally
I'm like an Indianapolis
And I'm out the metro-politician, I'm dissin

My rhymes is mistin
And I'm end it at all cause I'm kissin
Yo, this is Tim Dog, with my man Tim Westwood

On Capitol Radio
And for y'all the rap fans out there
hardcore rap RULES! Believe that

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