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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S : Super Spellbound lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Super Spellbound"

[Kool Keith:]
Yeah! Yeahhhahhh
Yeah.. yeah.. YEAH.. YEAH..


I'm on vacation right now, but this I got right here

is called anti-theft guardin megabyte
My showmanship and work choice, is over light
I $#&@ wit'cha {?} right, they starrin up right now

I'm takin position to %#@! on your spot on sight
Direct foes toward the endin of they career
You [email protected]$(s make a right, cause the road you about to take

We've seen The Wizard, it's fake
Your bowels move scared like you had a milkshake
I like the way you sit up choppin words down against me

You sip with a candle and a milk crate
Like chocolate candy you will break
Running back, Detroit Lions, with an ill fake

Trackin technique is complex meat (YEAHHH!)

[Chorus: x2]

If you ready move your headshot, get ready this Ultramagnetic
Another beatdown, yes I said it
Super spellbound, extra bad, don't work it see

Super spellbound - rush the streets

[Ced Gee:]

I'm the most incredible cat you ever heard
Cats feed off me, dawg they bite my words
Y'all ^!$$%z is phony, you cats is birds

Call my chickens dimepieces, they all got curves
My rap flow's sweet, son your flow's absurd
I'm a legend at this rap %#@!, dog spread the word

Nah I'm not just ramblin
Son you can go back and check my stats
From "MC Ultra" to "The Bridge is Over"

I helped put this rap %#@! on the map
And yes I got guns, and guerillas who all got my back
I'm a fat %#@! ^!$$% for life, and I'ma leave it at that

Now you think this is a game? Well the last cat who did that
They found his $$# laid out on his back
He got caught by the gat, brrrat-da-dat, brrrat-da-dat

Now we can do it like that, or you can catch these 16 bars
And just take your L like that


[Kool Keith:]

To rap with me it don't mean you gain fame
The Triton is out of order, the MP button don't work
Now it's a struggle, against the policy

Overnight temporary stars they knew it was complex
I'll spraypaint your hall more, just to cover your name
To get up to my mic level first you gotta go

I'll put you to shame, through legendary obstacles
%#@! I guarantee with a bag full of envelopes


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