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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Stop Jockin Me"

[woman] Hellooh?
[voice] Hey, hey woman where was you at last night?

[Tim Dog]
Ahhh yeahhh
Right about now we're gonna get into somethin REAL smooth

This is the story about a man and a woman
The man tried to kick, the woman fronts
He gets large, now she wants

Let's look in on the story
as this man's tellin this girl, about herself

[Kool Keith]
See girl, you look stupid now

And I gotta tell you somethin straight in your face
You played yourself like a big-time toy from Mattel
Tryin to flaunt the little bit of what you got

Why don't you go on over there and let him diss you again?
See your girlfriends laughin and lookin at me at the same time?
But right now I'm gettin ready to wash my hands

and get all the dirt off, yeah

Back in the days, see you never had the time

to come to my house, and let me tell you that I rhyme
You always made excuses, such as
"I'm sleepin right now, call me back," no nevermind

Cause you and your friends are very hard to find
Lisa, Pamela, Angela, Renee
The girls who shoplift, and steal everyday

Lookin for Benz's, food and a hamburger
Just to connive and rob a brother for cheese
That ain't right girl, in your fantasy world

I call you once - you never dialed back
Twice - you never dialed back
Saturday morning, live, I'm on Soul Train

talkin to Don Cornelius
Saturday night, my phone rings
Saturday night, I won't answer

Saturday night, my phone rings again
Saturday night, I don't answer
Finally, I cold screened the call - hello?

"Hello? Hey Keith, it's me baby. I miss you!
Where you been at all this time? Whatchu been doin?
Hey you think we can hang out tonight?

Y'know, we really gotta talk.
You still workin in the grocery store?" Please!
[Keith hangs up phone] Stop jockin me girl

[Chorus: singers + Ced Gee]

Stop jockin me girl.. (you're jockin me baby)
Stop jockin me girl! (slow down, you're clockin me baby)
Stop jockin me girl.. (you're jockin me baby)

Stop jockin me girl! (yeah, you're jockin me baby)

[Tim Dog]

Ha ha ha hah
Here we have the same scenario, but different people
We have a young man who's been followed by a secret admirer

She too once fronted on the rap
Let's look in on his story, and see what happens

[Ced Gee]
Uh uh baby you know what? You really need to check yourself
Yo I find this is sad, that here we are in the 20th century

and y'know you still practicin these primitive tactics
Y'know jockin a brother when he gets large
Check yourself baby

Let me step over here and do my thing..

.. like this!

Yo b-boy comrades, this girl she keeps jockin me
Regardless what I say, she's constantly clockin me
Houndin me like a pest, callin like she's obsessed

I tell her she'll never get, me but she'll never let
the situation rest for a day or two
We're goin on tour, Trev said, "I'll bet she'll follow you"
And boy was he right, I know you're probably wonderin
This girl like a groupie, followed me into London

Show for show, state to state, night after night
Hotel to hotel, and even the airports
She tried to play me close
Now could you believe, she tried to play high-post
at one time, before I made a record

She wasn't sure it was me, so then, she had to check it
She turned on the video, show on the TV
She couldn't believe it was me, on the big screen
Performin the hit, yeah the record was kickin brother
From that day on, the girl, tried to smother

me like a blanket, but I wasn't havin it
I wasn't a grocery, and she wasn't baggin it
So I took my time, looked her in the eye
and said - stop jockin me girl

[Chorus: singers + Ced Gee]

Stop jockin me girl.. you're daily jockin me
(you're jockin me baby)
Stop jockin me girl! Ahh girl, you're a hooker
(you're jockin me baby)

Stop jockin me girl.. girl I can't, get with you
(you're jockin me baby)
Stop jockin me girl! (you're jockin me baby)
Said won't ya, get away from me..

[Tim Dog]
So there you have it

Typical situation of jockin
First you fronted, now you want it
For all you girlies thinkin about jockin somebody
I suggest you don't do it, or you will get dissed
Peace out

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