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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Space Groove"

[Ced Gee]
Yo! Later on we made a joint called "Make You Shake"
But you know, that's what we was tryin to do

We ain't gon' even talk 'bout the, the other one
But check dis, this the first joint we ever did together
Dis like 19.. eighty...... five, check it

Space - the final frontier

These are the voyages, of the Ultramagnetic MC's
To boldly go, where no other rapper has gone before
To examine the universe, reconstruct the styles

of today's, hip-hop, culture


The groove to emphasize, the beat to utilize
Together we combine the thoughts to energize
To go with the flow and zap, every show - indeed!

Proceed to explain the sound of music

When it{?} zaps from space

[Kool Keith]

The pitch is controlled, distortion is corrected
All tweeters are jumpin, the bass is injected
Equal meters are movin, the beat just groovin

The tune is amplified, music breakin the vibe
As I talk, amazing soul, come out your stereo
In a three-dimension swirl, this groove'll twirl

Circulating through your ear, sort apart you hear
Likewise to surprise, or even otherwise
To boom your system loud, and boldly equalize

With monitors reading, the power you're receiving
Your output's kickin while time is just tickin
At a maximum pace with class and taste

All elements converge, to roughly emerge
As a soul mechanism, tough expressionism
To prove a man's mind, there's knowledge then wisdom

Kool Keith I stand, here to rule and command!


Yes I see, but can you further enhance
my understanding of that last question

[Ced Gee]
The mix real cold, the rhymes are complacent
When the atmosphere is dense, the sounds are compression

All the levels are movin, with us just zoomin
The mix is Gemini, soundtrack make you realize
That as I speak must be deep my force is at it's peak

Ten thrills per second, this formula's injectin
Vibrating through your brain, sorta strange deranged
Likewise to arrive and be, immortalized

To choose your designation and boldly energize
With sensor readings, the message you're receiving
Your accents kickin while your bass keeps hitting

At a minimum rage with an order restrained
All power circuits surge, then roughly diverge
Choose brain functionisms, work with mechanisms

To simplify all science, rules with definitions
Ced Gee at his peak, information never weak!

Hmm, so then let this track be called

(Space Space Space Space Space Groove)
(Space Space Space Space Space Groove)

As a space MC

What kind of powers do you posess?

[Kool Keith]

Well they call me Kool Keith, the lady's relief
No alias rapper, or Vulcan chief
Now hocus, pocus, bring your mind in further
Cause I'm a wizard to abolish, disappear astonish
As I move beyond space, the clocks hear the bass

While the Earth motivates, spins and rotates
My mind innovates, absorbs and dominates
Every typical brain, drained with no complain
At a radius measure extemporize pleasure
To phase interchange, evidently strange

Transmit it to a form, some heat to make it warm
Throw vapor in the air, produce a thunderstorm
With effective material, beamin through your stereo
At orbital speeds information to feed
Seven words per second, the mega force is wreckin

On a voyage to discover and wipe out any other!

Yes - but how does HE use his powers?

[Ced Gee]
As I orbit through space, my rhymes set the pace
My mind concentrates, consumes then innovates
Multi-celled membranes, trained to be insane
Make symbolically fresh, yes to impress
Expand at range, more and never less

So rapid with thrust, I'm here to brain crush
All toy perpetrators, social mind invaders
Reduced to nothin, because they just bluffin
In a sense, to convince, I'm here, in great suspense
At a warp factor seven, returning you TO HEAVEN


So I see, so I see

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