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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S : Smoking Dust lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Smoking Dust"

[Ced Gee]
Yo! That just about wraps up
what I believe is some unique careers

But how else to bring this... decade
and, different y'know that new innovative rap
to an end, but with a song that best describes it

It's called "Smoking Dust," it's 1993, check it

"Today's top story - President Fairlane spent the morning

in conference with the nation's top scientists. He discussed
the massive [?] problem no other man had ever had to bear;
the face, of evil."

[Kool Keith]
From the Boogie Down Bronx, Voltech City

We are here to teach the imbeciles
The ignorant, the most stupid biological [?] of course
How can you be so dumb, [?] with that smoking dust

Flying particles, enbalming fluid (AIGHT!)

Powerful, igniting my mass appeal with steel

The legislator, funky phantom masturbator
Galactic arraignment, I step to you gay men
For organism, my imprinted mechanism

Solo flex, my flowers grow like the embryo
Doctor Ock, and mega [?] come in video
Alpha control, Spock to Scotty beam in sick bay

Relay the ADAT, my new computer chip
Watch the dim[?], the mack [?] computer flip
Never wastin time, I cruise warp speeds

Atom speed, I blast rocket the blind speed
7-X-oh, who coming light speed
I got the fly the bucket seat spaceship

Missile control, Spectrum City sees the fold
I'm in the atmosphere, word to planet Earth
My intro verse can funk so impeccable

Styring[?] styring[?] styring[?]
I'm a zeek smoking dust

[Chorus: Ultramagnetic]
Not drug dust, the dust of fools (hit it!)
Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust

Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust
Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust

[Ced Gee]
Come see the psycho, kick another caper
I'm only here to strafe ya, set the record straight

Let my mental powers break ya, elevate, correlate
Fate just scraped ya - come one come all
My sight is on the justice

I know what you've been told, but you really have to trust this
Rippin alleys up, my aim's to ride
I know it's $$#-backwards, instead it should be I

The alien, citizen, straight from the bottom
[?] cycled up, part the dust, yeah I got 'em
Through heaven and hell, it's all in the mind

Cause when you're gone you're buried, 'til the end of time
The biblical master, arrangin the trip
Some humans wanna doubt me, they catch me on my ship

To me it's no problem, that's far beyond my way
I leave 'em like a puzzle, each play is mine to sway
Debate, is open, today

So pick up pick up, the blast from my brain
[?] Ced Gee, the infinite, infinite
Like Churchill was elected, yeah I have a special gift

To lecture, shift ya, switch ya, move ya
Get you out your seat, totally improve your
search, state, learn, find

I'm smoking dust!

[Kool Keith]
Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust

Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust
Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust
We're smoking dust

We are the immortals

Take us to your leader as we exhibit the Earth through different forecasts
What is right for one, which can understand, limits

[Verse Three]
I'm comin hyperatomic, connectin rays to power

To blow up brains and steal the real skill, the %#@! is ill
Then I conduct and switch to mega
And I can choose to include the views, to set my move
And like the beat will never cease
Inhabitants disappear through my brain vision

A Babylon, skatting, in search of human, [?]
The main decision, of mind control
See what I mean is, energy
The master of the guardians of the universe
And you will search for, my armageddeon [?]

[Kool Keith]
Smoking dust.. smoking dust
Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust
We're smoking dust.. smoking dust
We're smoking dust.. we're smoking dust

Smoking dust.. we're smoking dust
We're smoking dust.. we are the immortals

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