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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S : Silk Master lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Silk Master"

[Kool Keith (Ced Gee):]
Silk masterrrr! (Yeah) Silk
Silk masterrrr! (Yeah, it's goin down like this)

Silk (With Kool Keith, Ced Gee)
Silk masterrrr! (Yeah, here we go)
Silk (Check it, one time)

Silk masterrrr! (It's Ultramagnetic, feel me)

[Ced Gee:]

I get sick with this
Dawg you get hit with this, Ultramagnetic flow
Son it's so ridiculous

So who's the first to get, 16 bars of this?
Yo Harry be easy on that bass, son they ain't ready for this
New funk, these cats is like babies in cribs

We gon' change the diapers in bibs
Sit 'em up in they chairs, and clean out they ears
Feed 'em spoon by spoon, then wipe the tears

A whole lot of you cats need new careers
Trust me, I'm that cat you fear
Naw I'm not religious, nor am I righteous

But I can steer you in the right direction, son I'm the hypest

[Chorus: Kool Keith]

Silk masterrrr! Silk [x3]
Silk masterrrr!

[Kool Keith:]
I'm tired of rappers in the spotlight with baseball caps on they heads
Gettin off the stage at the awards with cocaine takin away they legs

200 grams of [email protected]%!e with the bottles, these guys sniff theyselves skinny
Walkin around they CRIBSSSS~!
Like models you freebasin a brick with a anorexic magazine chick

To cop ecstasy pills goin up cheap hills in expensive whip
Kissin the gonorrhea movie star with crab lice on her lip
Spendin the time on the gay cruise ship

Restauraunt waitresses say they don't leave a tip
Cheap posses in jalopies, girls watch me baffle Chicago
With no uniform, I swing in my white jockies


[Kool Keith:]
I'm usually in the house by 8
The gorillas go and I close the windows on the apes

Come out before you wake up and get my papes
Y'all too busy thinkin 'bout jazz bass
Y'all smokin grass that's sprayed and laced

[Ced Gee:]
Hey yo pass the dutch, pass the Henny

Keith I still got a ma up in the vocal booth
And she might be a little bit skinny
But she got on a little bitty mini

And I'm about to go up inny
Make her scream like Lil' Jenny
Then drink some Remy

And you know I still got on my jimmy


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