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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Sheriff Is Scared"

[Kool Keith:]
Yo I seen the sheriff and Deputy Bill, they all scared
Those boys'll be into town in the morning

We gotta get our horses and get out of town

Oh no, who you? Gotta gotta get back

Stompin with the boots like a 4-H Hor!@&(
I shoot a rhyme like a hunter do a reindeer
Walk up on a moose, and smack Mother Goose

You say I'm buggin, liquor's all I'm drinkin
Drivin on the road with a Continental Lincoln
I see a red light, you're thinkin headlight

I move around, grab a ticket, then I plex
You ain't the man with a cow and a haystack
I tote a shotgun, I make 'em pay back

I see a bank job, I catch 'em out there
You take a space test, I'm the atmosphere
You ain't the funky one, you catch a back smack

I make you run, tuck your tail where your maps at
This ain't no country town, you in the city B
I throw some doo-doo on a wannabe, an MC

I ain't no President, the 4th Swingmen
I'm hittin homers like the Mets, Abe Kingman
Get off my jock while you stare at us in the field

The sheriff is scared, who the Four Hor!@&(? [x3]
The sheriff is scared~!

Continuin, close yo, back as I kick up
See them rappers runnin, singers I will stick up

I put 'em way out, make 'em lick my head right
I turn 'em !@$^o, make them wear those panties tight
I'm not the bum from the underground or dog pound

The funky Horseman, jumpin on a Greyhound
We takin 95, I'm steppin to you jack
And all them records on my pubic sound whack

I roll the Peterbilt, somethin like a mack truck
You pick up one, holdin bodies in the bread truck
Deliver two like the man see the mailman

West of Cali, San Jose railman
I pick a bean, bringin rice like an outlaw
You see the rain catch a bass on the outpour

I drop the X on my horse with the saddle an'
No time for games like a battle with a rattle an'
Step in my town, don't play yourself

The sheriff is scared, who the Four Hor!@&(? [x4]
The sheriff is scared~!

Yeah tonight we gotta get out here
We gotta meet "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" at the next saloon (uh-huh)

Everybody put on their saddles
Ride out cowboys (YEE-HAW~!)

[repeat "Calling W2"]

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