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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S : Poo Poo Wreckers lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Poo Poo Wreckers"

"That's really nice, I really enjoyed myself"
"I enjoyed myself too sweetheart" {*moaning*}
"Mmm, let's say we uhh, try doing it later on this afternoon"

[loud moaning continues]

[Ced Gee]

Yeah, bounce baby
Bounce baby, check it out!

When I sex it, I flow slow, my love as tough as belts so
I take you to your peak, wreck your walls so you know
I'm done with, my love part, and this ain't, no con job

Believe me, I need it, like Noah needs an Ark
So let me in and I'll begin to wreck you like a savage
It's lust you want, I'll never taunt, because I'm automatic

The klepto, I might go, or not it's a small thing
We shake shake, we wiggle, I wreck wreck, or bang bang
A platinum waterbed, break out the boxsprings

I damage your spine, but baby you'll sing

Lovvving you, is easy cause you're beautiful

And everything I dooooooo, is all because of you

Then you will find I'm, unique one of a kind my

technique for making love, is brutal but on time
I make you an acrobat, fold you up, blow you back
Go deep in your stuff, penetrate 'til I hit your neck

I'm good from the back, I'm good from the front
I make up new positions because, I'm the poo poo wrecker
I keep drillin, like a Black & Decker.. yeah

It's the poo poo wrecker
I drills, just like a Black & Decker, c'mon!

Freak with me, freak with me, then you'll see
How I become, the loved one I'll let you know
You lick me right, I'll lick you back

You lick me up, I'll hit the crack
For a little peanut butter, chicks on my dick
Cause the lovin so hype that you'll call me master

Terminator, and I'll be back
As a punisher, and I'm breakin your back
The wah-wah-one-one-nine, the six-six-six

It doesn't make a difference long as you got the licks
I'll pick up the legs, the honey I shred
Soak it up in the butter, eat it up like it's bread

I spin spin spin, you up like a top
I'll pull out your weave, like the strings on a mop
I'll ride ya, ride ya, just like a cowboy

HI-HO SILVER, I'll be the Masked Marvel
If it brings you pleasure, baby whatever
Let's go to work, so I can wreck up the poo

I know what to do, the moves to make
I know when to pause, I know when to hesitate
I know when to stop, I know where to go

When to speed up and go into my slam mode
I'm the poo poo wrecker
And I keep drillin, just like a Black & Decker, yeah

I'm the poo poo wrecker, and I keep drillin
just like a Black & Decker, check out the pause

All the poo poo wreckers out there, throw one hand in the air
Wave it from side to side

If you gon' wreck some poo tonight, say yeahhh
Come and get another wrecker

[Ced Gee]
Poo poo wrecker, and I drill
just like a Black & Decker, UHH!

It's the poo poo wrecker
Just like a Black & Decker
It's the poo poo wrecler

And I drill, just like a Black & Decker
Yeah, I'm the poo poo wrecker, UHH, UHH
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

This goes out, to all those ladies
Stay with your man, but if you leave him
Don't get with me, because you know what time it is
I'm the poo poo wrecker!

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