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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "New York What Is Funky"

[19 second intro]

[Kool Keith]

Rollin with more info
Intelligent mannequin, how real is the incense
Life into motion, as we get raw with intelligence

[Ced Gee]
Stand up and count, the blood pressure's rising

My short steady bulgin punches are surprising
New York what is funky

[random samples overlayed with vocals]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [x5]

[Kool Keith]
Lyrical definite climax
Through the uterus, girls get wild and### wild

As a gentleman, pickin my style with tuxedos on
Sometimes I switch up, my flavor throw the hoodie on
Walk with my Timberlands, on the beach sand

Horizons fall, into place like a rainbow
Turn up the lights human beings, see my brain glow
Like new sneakers that's made from Yugoslavia

I hit MC's behind the ear like the mafia
Throw in my bones like chicken to Perdue
Wipin yo' tail like Scottie tissue on your crew

MC's, please, stop jumpin on like fleas
My rate is so super kid, my roach spray atomic
I got planets that rock like Soulsonic

"Party people," step into formation
Let 'em get wet and study mind copulation
I'm cruisin 80 yo, the Caddy on the turnpike

The Civic Center, the master come to burn mic
Or La Cienaga, Hollywood & Vine
Yo California black girls, I'm lookin through your mind

Yo girl sit back, put panties on my dashboard
I'm like a Corvette that's red, you're a pink Ford
No time to play people, New York, what is funky

[random samples overlayed with vocals]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [x4]

[Ced Gee]
From the foreign legion, the war is in season

There is no room for pleasin, bullets that tear up
Don't want you for no arrow, here's my proposal
Look straight into the mirror - ARE YOU WEARIN MASCARA?!

Forever, Joe, I hope it ain't so
If it's true you gotta go, break North, break South
But you gotta leave the show, get help from the doctor

Or see the chief rocker, burn down your cranium
Brains say I'm drainin 'em, I don't see why
I'm really entertaining 'em, makin them see the light

Makin them see what's right, {?}, up in the area
Once again I'm maxin, beats get scarier
Hurry up, catch it, I throw it, you fetch it

Like Fido have a ball, spark the buddha and you bless it
Confess it, let me see you down on your knees
Callin Father Ben, this child's been pleased

Help him, teach him, reach him, keep him
Show the inner scope, what else could it be?
New York is it funky? Is it funky?

[random samples overlayed with vocals]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [x9]

[repeated with more random samples]
Puerto Rico, aight, aight? [x12]

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