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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Make It Happen"

[Kool Keith]
I'm so fresh, how fresh so fresh so fresh
Better than the rest yo

Is that true? Does a dog have four legs,
two eyes, a tongue and a mouth?
Think about it hmm, while the best man rhyme though

Keep the pace and your steps on time though
Wack MC's, comin out and now get back
Watch the cade', Kool Keith on a swift track

Keith is nice, Keith is dope, Keith is bad
Keith is hype, now watch the X
X'll get X-tra, X-tra X-trordinary

X-clusive, X-quisite
X-amine the X flow, X-tra X-citing
X-tremely, so dangerous

Many can't hang with this, hmmm..
Rappers know they wack, compared to King Solomon
I just swallow men, eat up they whole crew

then say, "Yo, now what are you gonna do?"
Look in the back for a wack emcee
Make it happen baby

[Tim Dog] Make it happen baby [x8]

[Ced Gee]
I'm Ced Gee, a light-skinned brother with a low fade
Intelligent wise, quite a prize if I must say

A man that's smart with the gift of an animation
I'm tellin you girl, I got it good like an education
Know how to please, cause to me, that's the second nature

Here to light your fire -- not scared to set you straight
and make you scream, stop, you're killin me Ceddy
I know you don't believe me so ask your girlfriend Betty

and she'll explain it to you clearly
A man like Ced's once-a-lifetime thrill
So whenever you meet someone that's live

don't waste time, cause I'm
ready for dinin, expensive winin
There won't be no swine and only Be with the Winans

Drinks, as the evening accumulates
Just give me your play baby, don't perpetrate
Just keep adaptin, will you keep rappin

The sheets were action, that's why I'm askin
for you to stop laughin, lay down on your back and
make this happen.. yeah, make it happen baby

You know what I'm talkin about
C'mon, c'mon..

[Tim Dog] Make it happen [x8]

[Kool Keith]

Like James Brown, please please please please please
I beg wack MC's
who waste time and wax, comin out on tracks

with no finesse, but you gotta make it happen
Look at the rhyme as it goes off, flows off
dose off, now you say to yourself

why Keith sound good, smooth and so slick
Ahhhh, she just grabbed my dick
One time, droppin a heavy duty rhyme

Keepin the pace up, rhythm and time up
Settin it straight on a show that is so packed
with guys and girls on a card that's so wack

Lyrically I know, you know we know
After the show, it's cold beer and Miller time

[Ced Gee]
Continuin, don't play hard to get baby
Just say yes, and ?? maybe

Cause I'm the one you're lookin for and alla that
I know you widdit, so cut that
bullcrap, and come right with me

Make it a ?, it won't be a quickie
I lay you down, sex you great from wait to state
Yeah, make it happen baby

[Tim Dog] Make it happen baby [x11]

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