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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Late Nite Rumble"

"This %#@! is bananas!"

Let's go! (Let's go) Yeah! YEAH~!

Let's go, Kool Keith gon' get at you (let's go)
Ha hahh! (let's go)

[Kool Keith:]
Strong format, girls on the doormat
We work it work it, they jerk it jerk it

We comin on, ya fail, with manny or mayo
Girl with the !@(& out, white potatoes
Let me squeeze tomatoes, pie lemon Loradoes

DJ's spin they plate-oh's, ladies jump - get fatal
People say we don't play though, I'm a angel with halos

Play bass, ba-bum, ba-bum-ba-BUM-BUM

Shake your bum-bum [x4]

Verse, verse, one one
Verse, verse, two two

Come and a grab a boo-hoo, Cognac and Yoohoo
Crowd on the side gettin bumped and they sippin brew
Bronx crew come through beat you, stomp you

People come and rock you, nobody guard to block you
Fans come sock you, heads just bop to
Girls give me brain-brain, move on the thang-thang

Sparkles on the chain gang, booty target nice aim
Big butt, nice frame, you got to move off the highway
Man get out my lane

Old man get out they cane, thongs and bras remains
Thongs and bras REMAIN~!

Shake your bum-bum [x4]

Ladies get sexy, come in coat check see

You catch epilepsy, rum'n'!@&@e'n'Pepsi
Baby you respect me, fur coat you bet me
Keith like Sweat be, first class jet see

Girls on X-ee, paper to paper
Caper to caper, like Johnny Taylor said
It's cheaper to keep herrrrrrrr

Shake your bum-bum [x8]

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