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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S : Join The Party lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Join The Party"

[Kool Keith]
Well I'm droppin a bomb, funky rhymes for the dancefloor
Rhymes flow on, styles come quicker

You've been outfoxed by the metaphor slicker
Think twice, go slow, words'll flow
Now speed up rhymes like a pro-

-fessional poet, comin back and you know it
I treat your brain like a whistle, pick it up and I blow it
Four times with rhymes, look and stop for signs

Detour, go back, hit your brakes and stop
You're just a floor that's dirty toy, come battle the Mop
'n'Glow and, stealin the show and

You stay down low'n, while I keep goin
Around the clock, kickin rhymes, the mic is on overtime
Back and front, drunk dizzy here's a sober rhyme

Tellin your braincells that I am the best one
Rappers who perpetrate, come jump up and test one
Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down

You and your man, sit down, sit down, Trev tell 'em sit down
Rhymes go on and dip so quick by
Stand and wait fool, and yo yo stick by

Stand inside, look around and you'll see me
Join the party

Takin off where I left, from back to step
Movin nicely, the rhythm precisely
Groove entice me, to change and twist up

Another rhyme stick up, stickin the gritty one
Lyrical screw one, all rhymes are blocked up
I gotta get through one, the lines and change up

The lyrics are noticed, but my style is stranger
Look at, look, learn, while I surprise you
My job is to talk down, and rhyme despise you

You're whack, whack, double whack, triple whack
So weak not fresh, no you'll never impress me
You think you can flow, when you stop and address me

Test me, bless me, hmmm.. as I rhyme every day
I'm more mature, so go on kids and play
with your blocks and rocks

Throw your rhymes in the dirt pile, and back in the swing of things
The party and meanwhile you're lost, lookin, puzzled, stupid
Dumb, silly, dookie, bum, fool, illiterate

Your brain get rid of it
Drop it off in the trash, cause my rhymes are mac-10
And kept in the stash when I flip on, grip on

Hold the mic for a long time, prepare, beware
I'm comin out with a strong rhyme to terrorize
Every rapper that I paralyze

And if you choose to move then otherwise
Step in the back door, come inside
And join the party

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