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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "I Like Your Style"

[Kool Keith]
Hey girl, swing it over here with your long legs
Let the master work, let the master flirt

Yes, you look good in that mini-skirt
I gotta tell ya, sweet and I can smell ya
Mmmm, what you wearin, Liz Claiborne?

Giorgio, or that other stuff Avon?
You walk away, but love, I still follow you
And if I had a chance, I may swallow you

Chew you like Doublemint, gum like Spearmint
Juicy Fruit, I'm a real live brother
Respectable man, talkin to you undercover

Watch, look, I like the way you smile
Yeah baby, I like your style

[Chorus: singers]

I like your style (so baby let me tell you)

I like your style (I really really want you)
Girl I like your style, the way you wear your smile
I like your style

Everytime I get with you you seem to blow my mind
I like your style

[Ced Gee]
Yo listen baby
it takes more than a boomin system

to turn my head, make me flip and listen
You gotta know how to walk, you gotta know how to talk
You gotta know how to stand, you gotta know how to smile

You gotta know how to wiggle, you gotta know how to move
just to catch my attention
Now after that you gotta have a personality

I'm talkin class, not a skeezer's mentality
Know when to wear your jeans, how to wear your jeans
and where to tear your jeans, and when to keep the jeans

hangin in the closet
And when it's time to wear a fly silk dress
you wear it well - I like your style


[Kool Keith]
You cold mack at the clubs with your girlfriends
You ain't lookin for games or no boyfriends

A kid tryin to kick the dil-deally line
A fake rap or two, a hillbilly line
I get smooth and offer you a big drink

I like the way, you're pumpin in hot pink
Italian, black, you could be Puerto Rican
Yo give me your number, I'ma call you on the weekend

You got a head on your shoulders, plus I like that
you ain't no dummy no fool, I still like that
style, body, you're perfectly fine

Remember Kool Keith, the man worth the while
Yeah, I like your style


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