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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Here I Go Again"

[Ced Gee]
All 1992 flavor...

Yo, back in eighty-six it started with a song
The lyrics was bugged out, the samples strong
Different, innovative, the new school found it

A couple of years, I did the "Criminal Minded"
LP, with KRS
Scott LaRock was dope, rest in peace, God bless

Next was Ultra, a classic found
I took my time, producin "Critical Beatdown"
It was raw, puttin sales, in stores

The brothers today, wanna hear it even more
than they did back then, but that was then
I didn't get the ends but I had a lot of friends

Yo $#&@ that! Cause I'd rather have the papers
Ride in a Lexus, set the record straight the
way it's supposed to be, my production is poetry

A lot use my style kid, but that doesn't bother me
Now I'ma freakin wreck shop, my %#@! is the tip-top
Conditioned like gold, Ced Gee and I won't stop

Breakin ground in the rap game, so here I go
Here I go, here I go again

[scratched: "Here I go, here I go, here I go again"]

[Ced Gee]

Let's turn the page, move up to date
Gee takes you by surprise, just like fate
Our rap got soul, it was astounding

I grabbed Tim Dog, produced "$#&@ Compton"
But I backed off, the brother got greedy
So I kicked him in the nose, gave it to the needy

in Swahili, I really, saw a hillbilly
He came out with a rhyme rap the kid went platinum
Got mad airplay, brothers kept clappin

To the bank, move these soundtracks
It's quite fast, he even did hog rap
In ef-fect, a fresh pair of Timberlands

But everytime you saw the {?}
{?} you know this is a problem
Get on the mic king and please start solvin 'em

[Verse Three]
Yo yo Ced, check it out

Rage and hostility fills me
I'ma slave to the rhythm, even if it kills me
People don't know, how it feels to be sick

And tell them suckers bull%#@! lyrics they kick, I slit your wrists
It's danger, and now degrees slappin up foreign MC's
A track ain't nothin to rip

It's done just like this but not just as quick
The madness, when I start to flip
Is blowin the joint, my style, my voice

Destroys, {?} stalks ya
My style of hip-hop is unorthodox
As I rock the spot, razzamatazz for your $$#

Flash past, outlast and surpass
Almighty Allah blessed me, so I'm gettin cash
Major rappers with posse, suckers can't stop me

Okay just say rap was a house see
I huff and puff, and blow the house down
I'm sound as I, design the sound

When I'm in your town, nobody's around
Lettin mics smoke like herb (here we go again)

[scratched: "Here I go, here I go, here I go again"]

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