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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Funky (12" Version Remix)"

[intro talking by Ultra left out]

[Kool Keith]

I brought a band, Sam is on trombone
He's blowin' hard, back-to-back notes, get with it
Take off your coat, meditate, let your brain compel

Just think as the beat excels to your eardrums
Cause cells to numb and freeze while I break off at ease
Real smooth, combined the piano

My voice nasal, no soprano is needed
To get overheated and burn while the Technics' turn
For the U-L, the T, the R-uh-A

You got a copy? Watch the record play
Bite more...spin it every day
You wake up and try to make up a rhyme that fear me

But let me tell you straight, I know you hear me
And when I'm on the stage you just cheer me up another level
Down below I'm throwin' with the Devil in a cage

I'm on the rampage, you need a number? Wanna know my age?
Psyche! I carry a Magnum
Other groups - I only will rag them, and wait

While you debate I hesitate, observe your wack styles
You been rappin', talkin' for miles about nothin'
Cos you don't amaze me, I'm like a game, everyone plays me

Regular, extended to the bonus, for some of you
I think you should've known this was funky...

[Ced Gee]
Understand the sounds you're listenin'
It's a band, with nitroglycerin

One with horns and trumpets, I've really pumped this
Track up cos I knew I must get you to dance across the floor
Plus give myself more of this beat, then teach

All of you how to really reach your peak
And don't have a seat, cos while the bass hits harder
My snare drum's never weak, hi-hats used real funky

You get freaky, weakly groovin' to the beat real neatly
So try to devote your-self to Ultra-Magnetic
Pick up my sculptured phonograph copy

It's not sloppy, ax your girl, she called me Poppy
That was Ceddie, not Eddie, I'm ready
I'm not confetti, nor spaghetti

But instead I'm great because I create
The lyrics that match the pitch of my bass
Kick drum, SynDrum, no hi-hats are needed

While Ced Gee gets overheated
And rough as I switch to matter in which
Combined with rhythm I can't miss

Yo, this track is funky, man...

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