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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Fuck You"

[Kool Keith (Ced):]
(Whassup?) Yo, it's just that
We the we the best in the United States

And they don't wanna give it to us
But we the kings, we the real kings
And all that other bull%#@! you get, is counterfeit

So you know, stop buyin them other bull%#@! records
(Stop gettin that plastic) and be dedicate...
Raise your hands in the air and become (that plastic hip-hop)

Dedicated Ultra fans! You know what that means?
You can't buy no other records [laughter]
(Ohh %#@!!)

[Kool Keith:]
Yeah $#&@ 'em! These mother$#&@ers ain't %#@!

Tryin to rhyme and tryin to get, NASTY~!
I know the game when I'm steppin in bull%#@!
You better quit, when you're makin a fake hit

You ain't hard, buggin and so rough
You're jack doo-doo, and soft as cream puff
I know MC's who feel proud and black though

I know many; their $$# sound whack though
Tryin to walk up, don't give me no pound
!#@* YOU, cause you ain't down

Busting a move and that $#&@ed up freestyle
I go mad wild, lyrically so wild
Look up stepchild, I $#&@in support you

But you sound whack, now I have to abort you
CAUGHT YOU, jerking off in the bathroom
Bitin my fresh rhymes in back of the classroom

Copyin, bitin %#@! off the master
Lookin for dope rhymes but I'm a come after
Hittin your brain like a mother$#&@in blackjack

Rappers on stage, steppin to me they're wick-whack
Weak-ass rhymes show get off the stage black
$#&@ up the mic girl you're (*##$ now get back

$#&@ it! I see the (*##$es on the mic
You treat 'em the same, like ^!$$%z on the mic
No pity; you shouldn'ta got in the game

It's like rappin to win, with a $#&@ed up name
Like #~!!@ P, who the $#&@ is he or she?
Yeah them ^!$$%z is whack! $#&@ 'em

$#&@ 'em... $#&@ 'em... $#&@ 'em... $#&@ 'em...
$#&@ 'em... $#&@ 'em... !#@* YOU!

[Ced Gee:]
Yo, $#&@ them! I put their rhymes in a pooper scoop

They can't rap, they sound like doo doo and Fruit Loops
Rap for money fame women and videos
They need to sit down write better material

Like this, for a mother$#&@in freestyle
Lose they jheri curls cause they're not real
^!$$%z, from the mother$#&@in Bronx and

Killin in Brooklyn, with rhymes that's stompin
The competition, to me they're like children
You pick up the mic you get treated like pilgrims

Back on the boat, on a mission to another land
Takin you out's like beatin up Peter Pan
Boy, I hear you like to copy

Rap in yo' country, that %#@! sound sloppy
Learn how to rap like a pro with a real flow
Straight up South Bronx original rap tone

Takin my time as I teach better rappin buddy
So be quick like a kid with some Silly Putty
So back up, think what are you doin

You live in a fantasy, you're soon to ruin
Your career, you hear? I'm not here to scare
But I'm here to share what I feel is fair

Yeah~! Y'all know what that is
Yo TR tell 'em

[scratching: "$#&@ you! "]

[Ced Gee:]

Yeah, y'all know what time it is
All you rappers out there, livin foul
Perpetratin what you're not
Tryin to be hard, tryin to be soft, butter soft
Act a clown, makeup fallin down

Put the %#@! down and be yourself, y'knahmsayin?
That's what it's all about in the 90's
Be yourself, PEACE!


I know, and you know (yeah)
That no matter what we done
We'd like to tell everybody how we feel about it all
And if we've offended anybody in any way
We don't give a %#@!!

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