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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S : Freestyle lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Freestyle"

[Ced Gee:]
One two, one two Ced Gee in effect
Goes like this, for all those so called giants of the cities

It goes like this, I'm a tell you like this
TR Love is on the wheels of steel
I'm powerful, you know what?

I'm just like a TIME BOMB~! I blow up your arm
And when you suckers axe to battle me, I'm very calm

Manipulating plans, to blow away you germs
A term, that I use, like lube
To confuse, plus move you, more and more

To the level of a black code
In space, as I, procede
To erase, and alleviate

First of more dictate, my pace of pressure
To bake the human skull into mess
And I confess

To this episode, on the microphone
Ced Gee, and I'm MENTAL!
Disturbed, and orthopedic

On the mic, I'm often repeated
By you germs, suckers, ducks who LEARN
How to burn, my germs [laughing]

When I spit on the mic
You'll like, the way I recite my poetry
I'll make you believe, in me! [more laughter]

As I manifest
My skills are the best
With a bag in my hand, I'll expand

Aw yeah and it goes like this one more for all you
So-called giants of the cities
Oh it's for my man KG, I dedicate this to my man KG

Now you're a parasite, a known pesticide
FILTHY~! And very dirty to me

And I AGREE, in-dub-ih-bib-tly
That biologically, that you're irrelevant
Unintelligent, a fool to exist

Stupidity, behind your brain cells
Cause you're a roach, and I'm your Decon
Evaporating, dissolving eating germs

It's my turn, YOU MUST BURN, cause I'm speaking
Connecting every word, so smoothly
Calm as I teach, so have a seat

Don't cheat! Or else you'll regret
Your PUNISHMENT, cause I will excel
With momentum, which is parallel

To the words, of, Ultramagnetic, CED GEE!

Aww yeah right about now we got my man DJ Moe Love

Cold in effect on the wheels of steel
TR Love takin a break
My man Kool Keith wanna get on and bug out again

Oh you feel it, you feelin it
You feelin we can do this
Yo let's go off the head

We gon' go off the head, we just gonna connect

[Kool Keith:]

Off the head, I'm a think of a rhyme
Cause I'm a clock this rhythm, join with the beat
Cause I'm a tell ya, cause I feel the heat

I'm hot! But I say what is not
Cause I'm a keep it like this, I'm a hang on a cot
Cause I'm a tell ya like this, on the premises

I might be, the high scientist
Prolific, my style is terrific
Say another rhyme which strictly scientific

I'm studying, the rhymes I keep on with my buddy and
But I'm a tell you like this
We gonna keep the party rolling, to keep this mic

Cause I'm a tell you like this, is how I like it
But don't try, just get on and bike it
Ride the pedal, hit the metal

Say another rhyme, change the upper level
Moe Love, with the drop of a dime
Keep the cut, joined with the rhyme
Cause I'm rappin, from the top of my head
I got Scott LaRock, true chillin

Say another rhyme we must be illin
Cause I'm a keep up the pace for the old school giants

[Ced Gee:]
Dr. Sperm, or Kool Keith [fades out]

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