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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Ease Back"

Say what (yea) now ease back
To the rear, you hear
Eardrums drown, the bass pound

Really stupid, we gonna loop this
? scoop it, is that we rock it
While ducks jock this

Biting and writing and fighting for this
Beats and wax, rhymes are facts
Biting acts

How we did it, for this one, that one
Biters around, check out the sound
In town, to the rhythm that we give 'em

In fact you lack
(Ultramagnetic) skills
'Cause your record's no frills

Here's your bill now ease back
Ease back

[Kool Keith]

I'm back

Back to smack attack
Those who wack and lack my experience
On the microphone holding my own ground

Dominating forces
Change the sources, punks takes losses
Enough cause it's me on the mic

Feeding on words, small like a nerd
Haven't you heard this change of rhyme
Continuing the land of time

For my incredible, highly elevated
Smooth in the mind, more sophisicated
Motivated, as I relate it verbal

Dissing a mouse and smacking any gerbel
I bought a Saab, a 1990 Turbo
Shining, fog lights in the front

I'm by myself, no seats for a stunt
'Cause I want it like that, I got it like that
I have it like, I need it like that

It's better like that, I made it like that
I bought it like that, I'm living like that
For you wack MC's

Who go on the mic and blow on the mic
And perpetrate frauds and making mistakes
Like an amateur but I'm a 20 year veteran

And better than, including the rest of them
I chew 'em all and spit out the best of them
One by one, I'm teaching my son

To ease back
Ease back

[Seth G]

What's up, it's me again

I'm Seth G wit a funky blend
Of beats and rhymes on time wit my DJ
He's not weak wit anything he plays

Rocking, slicing, rep is treacherous
Like a professor, he had perfected this
Simple potion, through devotion

Wit his blends, his motions and fastly approaching
Coasting, reaching higher levels
So when you see 'em, you best say hello

I'm a take out a knife,pen and paper and write
A rhyme so dope you can't think, can't cope
Ducks, who are you really kidding

You say you're dope, well you're admitting
That you can't compete because you're rhymes are weak
Full of more nonsense, past tense, incomplete

Weap and learn a new rap style
From Seth G, the wizard of know how
An innovation, elevation, psyching the nation

When I ease back
Ease back

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