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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Delta 2006"

[Ced Gee:]
Uhh, that's right, that's right
He's back, Ced Gee, Delta Force, uhh

Here we go, faction, Ultramag
Check it

Hey yo, y'all nigz need to sound the alarm
Yes it's the Delta, I'm back, I'm causin harm
Every 16 I spit, it's gon explode like a bomb

See I've been gone for a while, son I can't be calm
So I'ma treat this like a battle, and I'm comin fully armed
And I'ma hit you with a punchline, dawg this is work time

Two minutes left in the game, it's crunch time
Homey the big dogs make big plays, they call it star time
And when the chips look down, that's when it's my time to shine

Cause my flows are so structured
Most cats they get nervous
They know when it's all said and done

They gon' need funeral service
So get your casket up dawg, son you deserve this
Lyrical abuse, I'ma turn it loose

Levy words like a body shot, 'til you gon' need a masseuse
I'm still the Delta

(Delta... it's the Delta)
(Delta... I'm still the Delta)
(Delta... it's the Delta)

(Check it)

Now this is somewhat old school, and this is somewhat new school

Dawg just call this track fire, in other words, I can't lose
Just keep %#@! tight, and drop jewels
I like shorties in stiletto shoes

All my fat %#@! cats is grimy, we drink booze
That's what's up, we make big moves
See I'm on the grind right now, dawg I gots to get my weight on

I want all the Rothschild's riches, the platinum plates they ate on
Dawg once I get to the top, you can bet your life I'ma stay on
Ultra, we gon' do it on our own

We don't need platinum cats to sing on our songs
Ced Gee the Delta, my 16 bars are strong
Dawg don't get it wrong, I'm still the Delta

(Delta... we didn't need that last drop)
(Delta... it's the Delta)

(Delta... I'm still the Delta, check it)
(Delta... yeah, verse three - it's the Delta)
(Check it, uhh)

Now before I send you cats off
I'ma make sure all my dawgs is fully reloaded

Now I can keep you spellbound, or make sure my %#@!'s promoted
One million sold, the plaque's platinum coated
My career has me roaded

I'm an exception, instead we exploded
We still hot on the streets and around the world, XXL can quote it
All this hot %#@!, I wrote it

I love when my @@#! get deep-throated
To be a !@$^ star, dawg that's my motive
We bringin it back to the streets, see dawg it's been a long while

Since you had some real rugged Ultra %#@!
Like our old joint, "I Like Your Style" - the "Ba!@&(t Tape" version
Now you can cop this at the Tower, or at the megastore at Virgin

We NY, to the worldwide
And dawg we ain't got to make gimmicks joints
Talkin about the different cars we drive

YEAH~! I'm still the Delta


(Delta... it's the Delta)
(Delta... I'm still the Delta)
(Delta... yeah, it's the Delta)

(Delta... it's the Delta)
(Delta... I'm still the Delta)

(Delta...) [fades out]

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