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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Brainiac"

"We are opening the magnetic field"
[cut and scratched as beat starts]

[Kool Keith]
Well I'm the mellow brainiac
Buildin molecules on my SP-12, my percussion will enthus-

-iastically propel like a power dump truck
Pumpin heavy STEEEEAM, into..
solid iron pipes releasing octane

Through a sonic oil tank, fuel, will ignite
Sending blood pressure, above the brain level
Increasing mega speed, at a..

height to excel, changing different gears
Left and right I'm rolling, hauling MC's
that are whack cross country, straight to California

Dropping off a big load, increasing dead weight
Touching turbo charge, word to sight
Unbelievable, many miles away

I'm a brainiac!


[random samples of Keith saying "Brainiac" repeat]
"We are opening the magnetic field" [cut and scratched]

[Kool Keith]
Now I'm checking every meter, raising up a bit
on the handle, advancing technical

Direct, automatic, charging energy
At a level generating, boosting pistaloids[?]
As an Autobat, increasing brain limits

Far beyond space, yep another track is laid
To continue enhance
Building much knowledge, breaking down parts exact

In positions, above sucker ducks
I am schooling, teaching territories
Like a book maniac, Ultra vocalist

The general speaker, [?] Kool Keith
With a mind vibrating, dissolving intellectuals
Who wannabe, and try to be

like me you see but you're gonna be expelled
Politely dismissed - I'm a brainiac!


[Kool Keith]

Move a little further, approaching metaphysical
I am burning, combinating elements
Agreeable, compilating monitors

That revolve in equivalent, reaching
Optimus, sun rays compute
At a radio waves, frequencies attack

Emer-ging, all obstacles
Magnetic, reducing brain power
As a nucleon, dynamic MC's from Cybertron

Completely on a mission to annihilate
Electrocute suckers who perpetrate
Known as interference on the microphone

I will and climb higher
Hexagonal away, blowing toys immediately
Absorb the intellectual

Kool Keith is back, I'm a brainiac!


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