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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Biscuts And Eggs"

[Kool Keith]
Yeah, it's a shame out there how you girls fall in love with the same
How they tell you these lies, and fill your head up, full of dreams

They make you go home and cry at night, look at their posters on the wall
I think it's a shame, they don't care about you at the shows
But I do

You got these R&B groups, they sing a love song
And after the show, they treat you real wrong

Cold spit in your face, and say you ain't my girl
Make you wanna go cry, and tell the whole world
I looked around, you walked away, he didn't kiss you

A pretty girl, so fly, yo honey why he diss you
I thought about it, yo baby yo wipe your tears
Your heart's been achin and cryin for many years

I know it's problem time, sweetie pie come talk to me
I'm gonna get the train, sweetheart won't you walk with me
Come on and pull out your token, don't be ashamed

I wanna make you my wife and change your last name
You know I'm Kool, I'm your personal psychiatrist
I see a movie star, you know I wanna get with this

[Chorus: x5]
Don't give me biscuits and eggs, I wanna marry you

[falsetto] Don't give me biscuits and eggs!

[Kool Keith]
Beautiful indeed I had to grab you like my mic away
From all these singers with the stupid crazy hype

They had you beggin for autographs in the limo
Crazy goin through changes to hear their demo
I know the foul, livin wrong totally

I walk you home, and take you where you oughta be
I know you're nervous and shocked and so confused
Badly beaten and smacked and so abused

Never will the X fail, truth is what I tell you
The games and lies and chitter chat is only what they sell you
I had to step from my homies to come and stay wit'chu

You got some time and some cards, I wanna play wit'chu
Let's spend some moments inside, flip on the quiet storm
Find some blankets that's heavy, to keep our bodies warm

Eat some cookies in bed, some Jiffy popcorn
I rub your back and your shoulders up every week
Lock the doors and windows and watch you sleep

I tell you secrets and things I never told you
I even come to your job and grab and hold you


[falsetto] Don't give me biscuits and eggs!

[Kool Keith]
Every day I smile, I have to come and get you

Your mother says you left so fast I have to catch up with you
Yo throw them tickets away, we gotta cancel that
The phony singers on stage, they gotta handle that

Never will I come too late or have you out there freezin
If I'm late I'll tell you why and always have a reason
I'll take you out in the summer to see the METS

I'll take you out in the winter to see the JETS
We can go on a boat, or take a trip or two
Be some fish in the water, that dolphin skip or two

Own a mansion and yacht, and have a honeymoon
Have a girl and a boy, and raise 'em real soon
Go in some clubs and have a drink together

When you're sad or you're mad, we'll even think together
Walk to the beach, and go through Central Park
Bring the family aboard, just like in Noah's Ark

Stroll in the sun and watch the flowers go - hey hey hey!


Don't give me biscuits and eggs, I wanna marry you
Don't give me biscuits and eggs, I wanna marry you

[falsetto] Don't give me biscuits and e-e-eggs!

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