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ULTIMATE FORCE : Smooth As Suede lyrics

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ULTIMATE FORCE lyrics : "Smooth As Suede"

[Malcolm X:] (And during the few moments that we have left
I wanna talk right down to earth in a language that everybody here can easily understand)

[Big Daddy Kane:] (Drop some smooth lyrics)

[VERSE 1: Master Rob]

Now everyone in the show gather round now
Take a trip on this Ultimate sound now
With a beat programmed by Diamond

I'm steady climbin, that means I'm in
Effect, the man and it made my life sort of hectic
But I never neglect it

Smooth as suede on a fresh pair of Bally's
Clockin dollars from New York to Cali
No misconception, just stay in step and

You get a taste of the Force's perfection
D sets the track up, Rob rhymes the back-up
You say we're weak, boy, then get smacked up

So save your comments for the next man or crew
Cause if you don't then your $$#'ll be through
Then I rule the stage while you fade and get paid

Cause I'm smooth as suede

[VERSE 2: Master Rob]

You thought I was done, son, but you missed one
Clue, that was your biggest mistake, so you gets none
Then I step up, you back up, then flee

Cause I got much strength and so has Diamond D
BCD commands the floor like warlords
We're on the rise [? ] charts of Billboard

Skirts get snatched, sucker MC's waxed
The Force is Ultimate, so punks face facts
Freightenin like a killer when you get my DJ pissed

He'll bust a mutha$#&@in cut like this
Then I grab the mic, shoot the gift and I won't miss
And I'll be damned to let a sucker MC diss

To make it plain, I've come a long way in a short time
Slayin MC's when I drop my funky dope rhyme
And I chill like a criminal who's got it made

Cause I'm smooth as suede

[VERSE 3: Master Rob]

You got a taste, but you still didn't get enough
The second cookie Master Rob is gonna double-stuff
I go to work, then I leave the microphone broke

And if you think you can beat the Master Rob, nope
Cause I'm swift, ask the brothers of the Blackwatch
And I'm crazy larger than Sasquatch

So step to me but proceed with caution
Dealin with this man with the skills of high proportion
And this man you can't get by

Cause battlin me there's three ways to die
T-U-Force guaranteed to defeat ya
You think you're hot, BCD is gonna teach ya

On the scratch Diamond D will defeat ya
You grab the mic, Master Rob is gonna eat ya
Three ways more valuable than jade

Cause I'm smooth as suede

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