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ULTIMATE FORCE : One Of The All Time Greats lyrics

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ULTIMATE FORCE lyrics : "One Of The All Time Greats"

[1: Chuck D]
(One of the all time greats)

[VERSE 1: Master Rob]
Lampin in my rest, shavin my chest
On a natural high, no buddha nor cess

I said to myself, I've come a long way
No time for play, no time for delays
Got a session tonight, got a show tomorrow

Everyone wants to see Master R-o
B and DJ Diamond D
The dancers of the Force are BCD

Risin on the charts, breakin girls' hearts
Sharp as a dart, sweet as a pop tart
Larger than whales, harder than nails

Never been to jail cause my records make sales
Production is hype, Rob is on the mic
Have you seen my stage show? Yo, it's out of sight

Not on a ego trip, walk with a dip
Fully equipped, D makes the record flip
But like I'm sayin, I'm not playin

Diamond got the beat to keep the DJ's playin
Not a ego maniac like Mr. Slate
But the Ultimate Force'll be one of the all time greats

(One of the all time greats)

(He's DJ Diamond D) (and I'm the Master Rob)

[VERSE 2: Master Rob]

Born to perform, raisin like a storm
On those who said the Force was just the norm
Swift with the gift, hungry like a hawk

All I do is walk on those who talk
Now I'm not souped up, I'm just juiced up
The scratches are correct, the beat is looped up

Until it sounds perfect and blends
Then I pick up the pen
And sit at the table and turn the music up

Turn the TV off because you can't be soft
In this industry
That's how I know that I will live to be

A wealthy old man cause it's planned
Now back to the topic (One of the all time greats)
And it's no debate

That we are the Ultimate Force
Master Rob and Diamond D, we take no shorts
Cause takin shorts make you shorter

You try to disrespect, you're out of order
Now jump, hop and skip to my plate
And you'll see that I'm one of the all time greats

(One of the all time greats)

(He's DJ Diamond D) (and I'm the Master Rob)

[VERSE 3: Master Rob]

One more verse to go, aiyo Joe
Let the record flow, now on with the show
Grab a girl by the hand and show her what you know

The beat is hype, you can't sit still
You lose your will, then start to act I'll
Cause on the dancefloor everyone is movin

To the Ultimate sounds and groovin
Master Rob is on the mic, I sport Nikes
Cause they're nice, I'm an awesome sight

Lean and mean, fit and trim
I got a nickname, Iceberg Slim
Cause I'm a pimp, I pimp hits

And sell em to stores in scores and scores
Of hip-hop maniacs, college brainiacs
Yound and old my records are sold

It might sound bold but it's the truth
And on the radio you can hear the proof
Don't miscalculate, no need to debate

Because it's easy to see that I'm one of the all time greats

(One of the all time greats)
(He's DJ Diamond D) (and I'm the Master Rob)

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