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ULRIK MUNTHER : Sticks And Stones lyrics

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ULRIK MUNTHER lyrics : "Sticks And Stones"

Eh eh
Yeah yeah

Oh oh oh

Just another day

Same in every way
Doing what i should do
What other people say

I think it's time i take
Charge of my own fate

I know it's not too late, it's not too late, it's not too late

Eh Eh

Yeah yeah
Oh oh oh

Well you can break my bones
With sticks and stones

But you can't hold me down
I think it's time i break
The rules you make and make some of my own

I'm taking all your flaws
Your sticks and stones
Your sticks and stones?

Mistakes I have made
Cut me like a blade

But what really kills me
Is the madness i've obeyed
So to save my soul

I'm taking what they stole

I'm breaking my parole, I'm letting go, i'm letting go yeah

Eh eh
Yeah yeah

Oh oh oh


Now I've got to go my way
No I won´t betray the confidence

I´ve placed in the things I have to say
So I´m walking tall and maybe I will fall
But I never wanna crawl it´s gonna be my call.

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