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ULRIK MUNTHER : On my own lyrics

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ULRIK MUNTHER lyrics : "On my own"

The day I left you
I felt kind of sad
Cause' I really liked you, yeah

But you make me so mad
You can see, I hate you
When you're making me do

Things that I don't want you to
When I'm with you

So now I'm standing here on my own
I really miss you but can't stand you're tone

So now I'm free, but also alone
I don't know if I survive on my own.

I'm on my own now
Don't know what to do
But for somehow

I can't get over you
I miss you so know
Why did you let me go?

I guess it's my fault know
I can't blame you at all

I had to go, girl
Don't know why I did
But I had a feeling

I wanted to send up a shout
Don't know what's the truth, girl
Do I hate or love you?

Don't know what to do
I'm sorry for I left you

Chorus x 2

Well, I don't know if we're meant to be
I don't know if we're meant to be x 4

Chorus x 2

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