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ULRIK MUNTHER : Alburn Road lyrics

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ULRIK MUNTHER lyrics : "Alburn Road"

Well if I held the hours in my hand
had the sun at my command
I could be with you again

And you thought I was lonely
but I, I never felt that way back then

Down Alburn road

on a sunset summer sky
you whispered please, remember me
the leaves were golden, when I kissed your

lips goodbye, you whispered please remember me

down Alburn road

oh yeah

Well If I could delay the turning tide

I would bend and trix the time
just to be there by your side

And I, I didn't believe you when you
said I was falling, falling for you


it's like you turn a light on
a light up on my world
and I could see, all that's possible

you were right there before me
shining in the sun, but now your gone ??

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