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Ulcerate : The Coming Of Genocide lyrics

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Ulcerate lyrics : "The Coming Of Genocide"

Blackness, inside to out
Like a benign tumor turned terminal
Here we are at the dawn our conclusion

Penned, paid for and played out by us all

Seconds slow as we count down to death

Reflection eclipsed by blame to place

Fingers point in every direction

While resting on hair triggers
The gun is our callous indifference
The bullet is what we have become

We have fellated fate for far too long
Taste our infliction, and know that we were wrong

There is a beauty within this violent paradigm
And that lies with the inevitability of our end

Staring into the abyss of man
Empty, consumed, ruled by it's dead hand

May the horror of human nature
Feed the horror of realization

Caskets for empires founded on fault lines
Caskets for empires

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