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Ulcerate : Soullessness Embraces lyrics

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Ulcerate lyrics : "Soullessness Embraces"

Etched into the earth's effigy
The graven image of man
Inhale your idols and parasites

Cold blood of the declining all

Visions of desire cut deep

Reject them and rot
Rot away in worthlessness
In fear, in isolation, in realisation

In fear of inferiority
Swallow the blunt reality

This earth bleeds for no one
Indifference is your existence
Indifference is your execution

Cower in shame

The shadow stalks in the wake of regret

My eyes roll back to never see again

And on my deathbed I remain silent

I cannot uphold the dogma
I will not she'd this trusting secret
The coming soullessness embraced


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