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Ulali : All My Relations lyrics

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Ulali lyrics : "All My Relations"

To our elders who teach us of our creation and of our past so that we may
preserve it for ancestors yet to come

This is dedicated to our relatives before us, thousands of years ago
And to the 150 million who were exterminated across the Western Hemisphere
in the first four hundred year's time, starting in 1492

To those who have kept their homelands
And to the nations extinct due to mass slaughter, slavery, deportation and

disease unknown to them
And to the ones who are subjected to the same treatment today

To those who survived the relocations
And those who died along the way

To those who carry on traditions and live strong among their people
To those who left their communities by force or by choice and through
generations no longer know who they are

To those who search and never find
To those who turn away the so-called "non-accepted"

To those who bring us together
And to those living outside, keeping touch, the voice for many

To those that make it back to live and fight the struggles of their people
To those that give up
And those who do not care

To those who abuse themselves and others
And those who revive again

To those who are physically, mentally, or spiritually incapable, by
accident or by birth

To those who seek strength in our spirituality and way of life
To those who exploit it

? even our own

To those who fall for the lies and join the dividing lines that keep us

fighting amongst each other

To the outsiders who step in

? good or bad
And those of us who don't know better

To the leaders and prisoners of war, politics, crime, race and religion
? innocent or guilty

To the young
The old
The living

And the dead

To our brothers and sisters in all living things across Mother Earth and

her beauty we've destroyed and denied the honour that the Creator has given
each individual:
The truth that lies in our hearts

All my relations

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