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UK DECAY : Testament lyrics

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UK DECAY lyrics : "Testament"

Walking through the garden
Through the garden of temptation
Tempestuous in youth

Seek the testament of truth
An angst that bears no sobs or self-pitied cries
He cherishes his one daily job with pride

The job to stay alive
Quest for reasons in empty hearts
Death the adventure when life's the bore

But in the face of defeat a lion roars
Statutes stand like statues
Laws stagnant in value

For the rulers of the ruled
The fools and the fooled
But should your carcass rot in a gutter

While your ideals go to heaven
When rebellion's the cause
Like a spartacus it's yours today

And tomorrow this testament will fall
Dying to be written
A new testament to be born

The lion roars, the lion roars
The lion roars as never before

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