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Ugly Duckling lyrics : "Something's Going Down Tonight"

Yeah, Grand Puba (UD, yeah)
Yeah, Andycat is ya with me
Yeah, big Dizzy is ya with me

Yeah, here we go
It's going down tonight (tonight)

Come on yo, it's only right (uh huh)
This the jump off, shake ya $$# off
Back off, we 'bout to blast off

It's ready to blow, getting outta control
Like Iron Mike when he's out on parole
Something brand new to get them in the mood

Yo Pub, tell the people who we're sending it
This one goes to all of y'all
Who thought Grand Puba was 'bout to fall

Haters, me fall, you out your mind
You got a better shot getting some $$# from a porcupine
We keep it movin like a Hula Hoop

Cause Einstein brought a loop that's tighter than a scuba suit
No dress code, no ID
It's a house party so you get in free

It's the jump off, shake ya $$# off

Something's going down tonight
It's the jump off, shake ya $$# off
With the groove to keep the crowd hype

It's the jump off, shake ya $$# off
Yeah, something's going down tonight
It's the jump off, shake ya $$# off

Back off and give us the mic, Einstein

Einstein is ya with me

(If you like it come on, get with it now)
Burnin hot from the t-o-p
Pops shot me and my moms just caught an STD

Fake cats don't like me
Cause I put it down real on the CD

Like a ^!$$% Spike Lee
Hookin like Nike
Golddiggers don't play with my paper

Cause they know I turn Ike T
Nike with the mic B
If you lookin for one of the best in the world

You're barkin up the right tree
I got moves like Tom Cruise in @@#!tail
Blaze on any stage, provin that I rock well

From my lung to the tip of my tongue
I exhale then excel when the record is spun
Showtime, I check the setlist

Then I rock the mic from right hand to left
It's like I'm ambidextrous
Ready to get this crowd to react to the track

And make 'em say (come on back)

The A side took you on a trip
But this is for the flip, like your middle finger tip

In flight, ready to strike like a meteorite
What time's it going down tonight
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour

I'm gonna do the damn thing
Busta (quack) and take a shower
We dealin with the wisdom power

We rock and make the crowd get louder
You know we too sweet to be sour
See you next time and we out like a prowler (shhh)

We gonna get it jumped off
Grand Puba, Ugly Duckling

2K3, 2K4, still in the game ^!$$%
That's what's up, that's what's really up
Grand Puba style

(If you like it come on, get with it now)

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