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Ugly Duckling : Cardiff lyrics

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Ugly Duckling lyrics : "Cardiff"

(And now ladies and gentlemen)

Here we go with an energy burst

Disbursed into a room like
We're gonna be in your town soon
So if you wanna hear a rap band

Who can drop the bomb like the Gap Band
Then we got you covered like an afghan
Half man, half cat, raps off the hinges

A knuckle head cringes as if I had syringes
I'm not a doctor but I brought the right dosage
To mend 'em and send 'em on their way like postage

I got the audience noddin their head
Like a foreigner pretending that he knows what I said

With both mics checked, two Tech's and a Vestax
Blowin up the set, make it hard for the next act
Never in the daylight, call me Dracula

Flippin like a spatula once I get the stage mic
Wouldn't leave a page white, I write on
And the crowd stays hype even when I'm gone

I wish I was in Cardiff, they know how to rock
But what about Austin, they were goin off

Don't forget Belfast, they were top notch
So come on everybody let's flop

Einstein, what you doing
(I keep diggin, I keep scratchin)
Oh, well where'd you get this record then huh

(Searched everywhere)
Like where
(I searched for the one in Ohio)

Where else, where else
(New York City, Dallas, and Chicago)

Got the music coming straight out of the mind
Of the Young Einstein
He signed to find beats For my rhyme design

I'm searching for some inventiveness
Within my sentences, rhythm is the genesis
Forming like photosynthesis

Infinite, limitless
As never before
Getting so fly you'll shut the screen door

From mop tops and sock hops
To hot shots with stock ops
To Don Knotts and Sasquatch

Put this in your lock box

I saturate breaks, evaporate tapes

And I made dates in different shaped states
Drove eight hours straight, leavin dents in the vents

Makin sure the show is worth every penny we spent
Livin on per diems, US and European
Mike pack the merchandise (what) believe it

Even when promoters give us the cold shoulder
It wasn't that way in Minnesota (that's true)

But I wish I was in Boston, they know how to rock
But what about Bristol, they were goin off
Don't forget Burlington, they were top notch

So come on everybody let's flop

But wait, before we do, let me say thank you

To every single person who supported the crew
Like the DJ's, the writers, and college radio
But most of all the cats who helped us out at the show

Some even took us out to eat and let us sleep in their house
I got the bed, I got the floor, well then I'll crash on the couch
With all the people that we've met

And all the places we've been
Yo we gotta give it up
Then let me run it again

I wish I was in Berlin, they know how to rock
But what about Boulder, they were goin off
Aberdeen, Eugene, they were top notch
So come on everybody let's flop

Yeah I gotta say hello to my man Tyler
And the big red posse out in Lincoln
I wanna say hey to Molly and Brandon out in Brooklyn
And I wanna send a big "how arrre ya"

Out to Brian at UMass, Boston
Yo I wanna say what's up to my man Rob and Jeremy
From Lawrence, Kansas, what's up
My man Young O for puttin us up in Albuquerque
My man Chad from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

What's up, this is large Meezy
I wanna shout out to Thes One
Yo, if you don't got my money I'm a put you under the stairs

Manchester baby, give it up to Toronto

What's up Dublin Ireland, Tempe Arizona, Catalina
Long Beach California, Humboldt County
Yeah man, yo man I gotta ask you one last question
Before we get outta here
Where we taking this jam too (Compton)

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