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Ugly Duckling lyrics : "Alligator Suflet"

I'm on my way (I'm on my way)
So alligator catch me on a later day (a later day)

Sway to the sound of the UD
Guarenteed to cure your mood swings
The price people pay for suflet

One Ugly Duckling I be
Never by myself, I got Rod and Andy

And we (get down) going up the elevator
Doin our best to avoid the alligator
What's an alligator, someone you're hanging around

Who builds your hopes up and then let's you down
They're like a house cat who can build a mousetrap well
But the cheese is the ease of the lies they tell

Then what's the suflet, it's the mess they leave
With the web they weave, and you wanna believe
But you're being naïve cause when the %#@! hits the fan

They flake out and they break out with your heart in their hand
Once bitten, twice shy, I was afraid to trust anyone
Fearing I'd then be chomped

But now I see an alligator, I'll drop a warhead on his forehead
And send him back to the swamp

I'm on my way (I'm on my way)

Cause I got rid of the green fiend
What was tarnished is now varnished, spiffy and clean

But wait, here he comes again acting real good
Claiming that he's changed and was misunderstood
See, they make peace and wait for you to slip

Then the story they flip to send you on a guilt trip
And while you unpack and fall out from the jet lag
He's in the other room going through your handbag

Then you wake up, find out and feel more
Stupid than ever cause he's done it before
It's a shame but you got to know what to do

Well what would you suggest, well let me run this through
Take care of your affairs, don't leave 'em up in the air
Cause when you hang glide your ride might get Shanghaied

Remove the blinders and watch for sidewinders
Down the road, then leave tire tracks on their back
And don't blow kisses to a mrs.

Who doesn't even know you but acts just right
And last, watch your back or you'll be ransacked
And then you'll feel the crack of an alligator bite

Yeah I wanna say what's up to all my friends, what's up
Rod you wanna give a shout out, any shout outs
I'll give a shout out... OUT!

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