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UGK lyrics : "Tell Me How Ya Feel"

[Jazze Pha:]
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN~! Ladies and gentlemen!
You are now tuned in to the very best (the very best)

This, is a Jazze Phizzle, produc-shizzle
U.G.K., Pimp C (Sweet Jones) Bun B~!

[Chorus x2: Pimp C]
I'm out here grippin on the wood, sittin on the leather
Keep the gold diggin (*##$es tryin to keep they %#@! together

Swangin through yo' hoods, diamonds on the wheel
When you see a pimp shinin (*##$, tell me how you feel

[Pimp C:]
I call my mother$#[email protected] swangers on the slab, money on my mind (miiiind)
Twenty-fo' seven I'm out here on the grind (grind)

Wanna jack, that way to heaven, got somethin for ya spine (spine)
Put ya on the %#@! bad if you really wanna try (try)
I done been to hell and back, they call it T.D.C. (T.D.C.) *texas department of corrections*

Now everythang that I drive got at least five TV's (V's)
Two in the sun visor, two in the headrest (rest)
one jumpin out the dash, two hundred thousand on my chest (chest)

Hangin 'round my neck (neck) blindin you ^!$$%z (^!$$%z)
I ain't cappin, I'm just tellin you what's hap'nin
Some ^!$$%z be winnin, and some be steady losin

Touchin down, women they stayin, they steady chosin
Tired of feelin bad, she mad, she want some chad
You only live once, she fin' to cheat on her man (man)

Cause I'm a stand up in her and sin her cause she a winner (winner)
I'm Sweet Jones (*##$ and I'm pimpin, y'all some beginners


[Bun B:]

Yeah, swangin on Vogues...
Yeah, well I'm the son of the struggle, the Godchild of the grind (grind)
The product of the product, and the cousin of crime

So get that $#[email protected] up out your mind (mind) I'm born to this life (life)
And my work is the only woman I'll ever make my wife
So all you triflin-ass, stiflin-ass, mud-stuck, $#[email protected] boys

Gettin bound to borin, you %#@! out of luck boys
The Kingz is back in the buildin, just in the knick of time
And we fin' to do it to it partner (WHAT~!) while you ^!$$%z lyin

Touchin us you ^!$$%z dyin, kill you hoes, just for tryin
Death befo' dishonor (dishonor) you never see me testifyin
Standin on the stand, grab a workout in the yard

Trill ^!$$%z never fraud, you can put that on the Lord
Goin hard, ask the hardest ^!$$% you know in the street
I'm the last ^!$$% that, that ^!$$% wanna meet

Ain't no need to exaggerate, I just tell it like it is
So get the $#[email protected] up out my way, Bun Beeda handlin biz
On my sheeit


[Bun B:]
Well if you had yo'self a pimp and you had yo'self a G
And you put 'em both together ('gether) what the $#[email protected] would you see

U.G.K. ^!$$%, I'm fresher than a cashmere sweater (sweater)
When it come to keepin it trill, nobody do it better
Ain't no candy paint wetter (wetter) no 24's classier

No leather seats softer (softer) no other brothers classier
And you could never pass me up, so slow your roll mayne (okay)
Recognize the real when Pimp and Bun in control mayne

[Pimp C:]
UNGGGH~! I got a candy cup, sittin on buck

Two-hundred thousand when I roll up
Year ago, I was on lock
Now I'm out here, droppin them tops

48 months, I was gone
Barely got back, it's still on
I know y'all hate to see the Pimp free

All y'all all can eat a big D
I see the Kingz winnin
Thought it was over, it's the beginnin

Underground we run the South
Diss me I'm a bust your mouth
I don't run I come to your house
You gon' lose, ^!$$% that's no doubt
We can jump or pop it out

I ain't Jeezy don't swap it out

[Chorus: to fade]

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