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UGK lyrics : "Return"

[Pimp C]

It all started with a Pimp C, (*##$

So what the $#[email protected] is up
Told em somethin good
Ease up my mutha$#[email protected] cut

Cause if you don't really wanna $#[email protected] wit a trill ^!$$%
From the trill villa wit a steel trigga land of the real killers
Pop Pop mutha$#[email protected] there you go

I'ma bust em on yo $$# if you don't ease up off me ho
Cause trill ^!$$%s don't carry no sugar in they nutsac
Just big fat balls and a trigga in they backpack

So you gon give me my money, but you don't hear me though
But I bet you hear me when I fill you with bulletholes
P.A. ^!$$%, trill $$# ^!$$%,

How you figga you can buck me down ^!$$%?
Mr. big man, Mr. big time, give me what's mine
Instead of buying cars for a (*##$ named sunshine

Give me what's mine, give me what's mine
before it come down to triggas
%#@!, it's the return of the trill $$# ^!$$%s

It's the return of the trill $$# ^!$$%s

It's the return of the trill $$# ^!$$%s
But you can't hear me

It's the return of the trill $$# ^!$$%s (*##$

[Bun B]

Yea muth$#[email protected]
I figured you run, I figured you run, when I pull

Triggas to guns, that triggas to guns P.A. fool
A ^!$$% named Bun, a ^!$$% named Bun, no more sun, no more shine
Say hello to the nine milly (Buck!) millameter (Buck! Buck!)

Money tight glock, bustin them shots
when I break yo $$# off somethin hot
^!$$%s steady catchin lead to the head, I never aim for the chest

Mutha$#[email protected] sportin bulletproof vests
So I guess, when I start blastin, ^!$$%s start passin away
Dearly beloved, I had yo $$# gathered today

So I can lay you hoes in a line, draw you to a square
Put them hands on yo $$#, and bail on out
Pass the pen, Pimp C and Bird, I take the blunt

Now surprise, surprise
I'm gettin chinese eyes
In this (*##$ here's a switch

I might slang, bang then bail and burn
Scope mean now its the return of the trill $$# ^!$$%s

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