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UGK lyrics : "One Day"

(feat. 3-2 and Ron Isley)


Mama put me out at only fourteen
So I start sellin crack cocaine and codeine
Time to stack some paper think I'm a do it quick

Thinkin I'm a juvenile but they dont know who they messin wit, yeah
My mama's only son
But I live everyday like its my mutha$#[email protected] last one

Every ^!$$% and they mama askin why
But I'm in the game live by the game and in the game I'm a die
But if I die or should I say if I go

Bury me in Hiram Clarke next to the come and go
Cause tomorrow aint promised to me
The only thing promised to a playa is the penetentiary

So I'm a take care of my business on the smooth tip
Watch my back sellin crack and pack two clips
When ya think about that you say "it'll be on"

Its a trip youre here today but the next day youre gone

One day youre here, baby

But then youre gone [repeat]

Bun B

This world we livin in man it aint nuthin but drama
Everyone wanna harm ya in New york ^!$$%s gettin shot fo bombers
Now they got yo life in the palm a they hand like California

^!$$%s who roll that [email protected][email protected]&&
Gangbangin got the ghetto hotter than a sauna
Back in Orange my ^!$$% Box died on the corner

Behind a funky-ass dice game
I saw once before he died wished it was twice mayn
I remember bein eight deep off in Chucky crib

Lettin us act bad not givin a $#[email protected] what we did
When we lost him I knew the world was comin to the end
And I had to quit lettin that devil push me to a sin

My brother been in the pen fo damn near ten
But now it looks like when he come out man I'm goin in
So %#@! I walk around wit my mind blown in my own $#[email protected] zone

Cause one day you here but the next day you gone

One day you here baby

But then youre gone [repeat]

Pimp C

I'm up early cuz aint enough light in the daytime
Smoke two sweets and sold 2 chickens by the clock strike 9.
PA holder my boulders smolder on the PA pipes

Ak loader as I get swallowed under city lights
^!$$%s be lookin shife so I look shife back
Cant show no weakness to these ^!$$%s get yo life jacked

Mayn its a trip where i stay especially for me
This (*##$es tryin to lock me up for the whole century
They gave my boy down in Florida Dante 19

I wish that we could smoke again and take a tight lean
My world a trip you can ask Bun B (*##$ I aint no liar
My man BoBo jus lost his baby in a house fire

And then when I got on my knees that night to pray
I asked God why he let these killas live and take my homeboy's son away
Man if you got kids show em you love em cuz God jus might call em home

Cuz one day you here but baby the next day you gone

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