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UGK lyrics : "Look At Me"

[Pimp C talking]
Hold up hold up hold up
Starring at the bar muther$#[email protected]

Eye #[email protected] what I'm talking bout

[Verse 1: Pimp C]

I'm Pimp C (*##$ so what you need (what you need)
I got some cocain and some California weed (fornia weed)
I fell in love with my chrome-plated (*##$ (plated (*##$)

Break it make it pop the trunk and hit the switch (hit the switch)
(*##$es jockin ^!$$%s hatin drunk off gin and soko
If he keep on talkin %#@! I knock his meat out his taco

They think I'm playin cuz I'm in gators and rocks (rocks)
But I pop this muther$#[email protected] till it stop (stop)

{Chorus: Pimp C}
So look at me muther$#[email protected] look at me (look at me)
Look at me muther$#[email protected] look at me (look at me)

When you see me (*##$ tell me what you see (what you see)
Look at me muther$#[email protected] look at me (look at me)

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Hey... Hey yo I sips the 8
Plus I whips the weight

So while you tripps and hate
I flips your fate
Straight to rip from grapeland

^!$$% i use to cook a diffrent scale
Now what we be scorin will make them beams tripple break
Washed out up in the rippas way

Makin you miss the whip we take
And squeezin mine surely
Though I drive horibly

^!$$%s die for me
And the killers in the sky swarm me
Some fly charmin neiborhood pimps

Take a good glimpse
Smokin on them Cali Hollywood hemps
Look at me

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Pimp C]
Now I done scrapped and crawled
Now whip my benz grip my balls

%#@! don't pause
Y'all ^!$$%s know that I don't $#[email protected] with y'all
$#[email protected] the laws undercovers wanna see me stopped

Tap my phone follow my chrome
Another hits the block
But ^!$$%s know that Port Author is to small ^!$$%

Thats why the snitches get the pistol to his hilfiger
AK-47 test up and I'm bout to bet
With a loaded automatic if they catch me I'm goin fed

What that (*##$ said
Pimpin ain't dead
I'm still gettin head

Got your dike (*##$ in my waterbed
Hit her from behin (hind)
4 or 5 times

Put that dick up in her spine
I done blew your (*##$ mind
look at me

[Chorus x1]

[Verse 4: Bun B]
It's like monkey see monkey do
So $#[email protected] you and your funky crew

You don't bang in the trunk we do
And smokin on skunky to
Now $#[email protected] me who?-You gots me $#[email protected] up

Strong arm your city threw them up
And leave it bucked up
Maybe if you lucked up

Naw look like you stuck Chuck
Your men of war turned into [email protected]#( in menapause
Now how the $#[email protected] you gon win a war
(*##$ I'm in a car that will make you go deaf
The reason why your hoe left

Makes you wanna go left
Whoa nef catch a slow death
Cuz (*##$ my 4 fell
Mackin on straight smack a bum
I don't brag but I'm toe taggin um

Now we draggin um
Out the river just like to use
Crack the brews
And keeps about 50 case I wanna $#[email protected] a dike or 2
look at me

[Pimp C]
Look at him (*##$

Show your tattoos [x16]

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