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UGK lyrics : "Good Stuff"

[Intro: Pimp C]

Where the hoes, where the hoes

Lookin', lookin', tighten up, tryin' to tighten up
Where the hoes, where the hoes
Check it out

[Verse 1: Pimp C]

I'm coming down candy, I put in my work
Got a $10,000 link medalion hangin' on a $2000 shirt
The game's been good

And all the hoes wanna sit on leather and the wood
(*##$es tryin' to price my diamonds
But that %#@! is just so common

'Cause they see a ^!$$% shinin'
But I'm movin' too fast
96 karats if you think that you could manage

Got the drink and the salad
Now the (*##$ is on the ?
I'm comin' down Gulf way, I'm tryin' to see what's up

I see big $$# and some [email protected]%$
Now we flippin' in the 'Bourbon to the city
The attitude's %#@!ty but I bought no plex

Ain't talkin' 'bout the Malcolm but I'm ridin' on the X
The highway was so wet, I'm slippin' out my lane
The (*##$ was on her knees, but now she's runnin' me a game

I bet you never seen a big truck like that
I bet you never got a dick sucked like that
The (*##$ didn't know that I was tapin' the whole scene

Now we watchin' that (*##$ suck me on a 5 piece screen
The glitter and the gleam, we saw them in the show
Chauffeurs and the sofas, hotel pictures and the hoes

I got the haters, and the jackers, and the million dollar crackers
Tryin' to close me down, but I got ghetto love
I'm Pimp C (*##$, I'm comin' down richer than rich

So (*##$ you know you gotta gimme good stuff


Lookin' for that good stuff
Ba ba ba ba da da da

Tighten up on that backstroke
Ba ba ba ba da da da
Lookin' for that good stuff

Tighten up on that backstroke
Comin' down on fresh paint
Blowin' Swisher Sweet smoke

[Verse 2: Bun-B]

We flippin' worldwide, P.A.T. International jetsetters
Bigger than the Hollywood letters
But don't get us confused, you lose when you bet us

Breakin' off the jealous with pitch black Barettas
My fellas and tellers who holdin' plates against them Texas boys
Bringin' the noise to haters in 9-6 plex

Like you major boy you have done played yourself
Too $hort smoked you like a Newport, and you bought
A one-way ticket to something bigger than you

Over your head and got scared
Exactly what I figured you'd do
Now who you kiddin', I'm slangin', bangin', and skiddin'

Busta playa moves and if you done it and did it
As I sit in the lap of luxury
DEA is tryin' to stick bugs to me

Undercover mother$#[email protected] tried to sell drugs to me
What could be more throw
Mafioso puttin' bombs under my load

Never show no grief miss the signs in the climate
Now I'm comin' down shinin'
Pieces and chains full of diamonds

I'm winin' and dinin' and caligula
Pretty boys gettin' off the hook
(*##$es sayin' but I'm diggin' ya

But I know that make ya mega crunk
And make ya make it man it make a ^!$$%s wanna pop trunk
Got skunk from the Rasta, eatin' steak and lobster
Like a mobster and gots to be lookin' for the good stuff


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