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UG : Bad Boy Big Bang cover lyrics

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UG lyrics : "Bad Boy Big Bang cover"

[Verse 1]
Baby girl I know I took it way too far
I tried to play it off but girl I'm wondering where you are

And so I am just sitting here, chillin by myself
Know that you'd be happy if you were with someone else
Cause baby I'm a player and you know it, what the hell am I to do girl?

Never change my life. No that's a lie. Maybe for you girl...
What you say? Give it one more try?
I could be the one you always wanted in your life

Baby I want you

Know that I need you
Tell you I'm sorry
Baby believe me

Every day and night I was so mean,
Baby so mean
Oh that's real

Oh I know I made mistakes and I'm so sorry I'm a bad boy

No you don't deserve it cause I know that you're a good girl
Promise I'll be better
Baby so much better

I don't want you out of my life
Baby don't leave me
I know you still love me

Baby believe me
When I tell you need me
Cause you are my la,la,la,la,lady

My la,la,la,la,lady

[Verse 2]

The lifestyle of a player
Just one night stands and see-you-laters
I'll be honest, all my life, that's what I really was about

It's not easy, but I think for you, I'd try a different route
So, no more creepin out at night,
It's gonna be a different life

Yes, it took me long to see
But you're the only one for me
You can count on me girl

You are all I need girl
I will prove it if you don't leave



I need you in my life

Never ever should've done you wrong girl
I'm gonna make this right
Cause now I know that I belong with you girl

I know it will take time

Oh I'm praying that you will forgive me

Oh darling, oh baby,


Can you forgive me darling
I know I'm the one for you

Cause when we're together
You make me better
In every way

You do

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