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UG lyrics : "A$$hole"

Where the condom at ^!$$%s $#[email protected] up, up im Donald trump, you Donald Duck
And it's duck hunt meets double dutch guess what I see lunch
$#[email protected] your fork who said eat, $#[email protected] your dreams who said sleep

$#[email protected] your thoughts who said think, we jump up at 'em who said blink 182

No 187 ride on 'em on the avenue all my $#[email protected]' ##&*%$l

Watch I check you no pap smear
Pap pap that's how I spit like I'm off the %#@!s no laxatives
Better puff a cig 'n relax a bit before we teach a old dog some new tricks

Lifes a (*##$, play possum $#[email protected] you mean
On bull%#@! like where Rose be don't cross me even if you had a rosary

Santa Claus I'm somewhere the hoes be stop holding me
Down as if you was gravity I'm gradually a casualty you casually be raggedy

I'm somewhere that ya girl cat be, in her pants
She must be the QB the way I'm sackin' she
New kid in class actin' a $$# in front of faculty

These [email protected]$)s try to tackle me get off of me that %#@! dead, coffin sheesh often she

She say my dick is awkward well I think you should just enjoy it (*##$

She mad because my dick is as crooked remind of her of Rod Blagojevich
Interview then employ ya (*##$, build up then destroy ya (*##$
If Dora the Explorer through my pockets then I'll straight deport the (*##$

They smoking on that dope like power's out they get candle lit
Cancer sticks nicotine this ^!$$% teen is crashin' %#@!

Pop lock out hops bops errands the way we ran a chick
Racks on racks on racks, oh bomb a stripper, I Iraq the (*##$

Throw my fingers up clearly I don't give a $#[email protected]
^!$$%s lames, (*##$ it's back to ballin' $#[email protected] Rogaine
Y'all gassin like propane I'mma come with the pump

Pump through the front or the back mean u cunts getting $#[email protected]
Give a $#[email protected] ^!$$% what watch a ^!$$% get jumped

You gon' need good luck Chuck with a nunchuck and as much
Guns as wood would a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck would ^!$$% I'm that good ^!$$%

You that hood ^!$$% put you at the front of the car damn crash dummy
What you want from me, my $#[email protected]' steez I $#[email protected]' sneeze you a run from me

You off a bean no sensu where Goku I'mma sensei
No pain relief you Bengay I'm after Benji no canine
Millimeter is my mind, oh my my I got it back

Muay Thai meets your $#[email protected]' teeth like a get together we kickin' back

Make you want to snatch a Purse Miller, uh

You ^!$$%s feminine like how sisters act
You don't want nun you ^!$$%s spit I'm like Whoopi
You (*##$es made like your mom mean

And if your mom's mean like your mom's bad
That $$# misbehaving then that's a milf I'd love to see, uh

Spit %#@! ballistic similar to aks aks akas
That's pretty women all I see n if you got one she a $#[email protected] with me
So that's 1 girl she got 2 holes well 3 holes if u count her mouth

And $$#hole is what I get called because my attitude is [email protected]#^

That's real %#@!ty And ain't no way that im losing

I want it all not a portion I'm pouring my heart till a Porsche I'm cruising stupid
I been doing this since 8th grade now I'm doper then 8 bricks
Now I'm eighteen everything getting ate'n piece a cake

She claim she don't want to get her mother$#[email protected]' hair wet, well baby get your lips wet
Get your girl on killer Cam then my whole set dip set mother$#[email protected] like, what's next?

She say she got a $#[email protected]' man back of mind my mind I'm like $#[email protected] ya man
I'm that ^!$$% or well known as the $#[email protected]' man so come and $#[email protected] ya mans

You're a peon with a ^[email protected]#$ that's a poor excuse for a $#[email protected]' man
You spit pish posh and I'm known for making #[email protected] pop, I'm literally the $#[email protected] man
This my gutters %#@! word to ya mother %#@! aw %#@!

Aw man he's awesome don't Texas like Austin

I got the power, no Kanye but Austin

Groovy if you knew me see I'm so on BET I off 'em
What I offer is me going nuts, no almonds
You sell out like auctions you on that bosh %#@!

You're a ostrich, leave you awkward you're a olive I offend give no $#[email protected]

Like abstinence
Fear that %#@! absent (*##$ Never attended classes here
I'm in this (*##$ uh

I'm ballin' (*##$ im ballin' (*##$ im who u (*##$ is calling (*##$

Your girl freaky say like poker ^!$$% put it all in (*##$
Broke $$# ^!$$% gadding lost my sense don't even have change
I get it in (ain) I get it in (ain) these ^!$$%s a never understand

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