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UFO lyrics : "Self-made Man"

From liner notes
I've worked so hard, like Hyde on the chaos theory
I've found my madness quite complete

No sign of light or love divine intervention
While I was scoring on your street

I am the demon of your darkest thoughts
Wired to self destruct
A greedy, nasty, selfish little man

Who could never have or get too much


But if the very thought makes you shiver
I am just one of the many lost
And I will change the course of the river

And never stop to count the cost


But everythings light on a Sunday
The choir singing all in tune
But such a small congregation

Will someone send up the balloon


Oh I'm a self made man
The fruits of yes you can
Oh I'm a self made man

And I'll take what I can

Out of the darkness and into the light

See the army grow and grow
And like a storm, a reign of terror
This ill wind will blow and blow

Repeat (1)

I'll take great pride and pleasure in your misery
And delight in your living hell
There's no known act of human kindnes left

My very mother I would sell

I'm not uncouthed, but educated

Now isn't that a scary thing
And elected to a place of power
Your slavery will be my sting

Repeat (1)

Repeat (2)

Repeat (3) twice

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