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UFO lyrics : "Natural Thing"

Since you came from Memphis
You can look but please don't touch
Didn't like rock and rollers

Seemed a bit much too much

(1) Cause it's the natural thing feelin' the star

Natural blood starts to flow
Yeah, the natural thing, get up a star
Then she'll never let you go

Hey girl, now does it feel all right
Think I'm gettin' through

Don't you think the band's real tight
Wait til we start to move

(2) May sound funny but you gave it to me
I didn't even like it
May sound funny but you gave it to me

And now I got to live without it

I been down to Atlanta

Got to move my feet
Gettin' down before the last call
With every star she meets

(1) Repeat
(2) Repeat

(1) Repeat

Why'd you do it, why'd you do it

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa