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Uffie lyrics : "Ready To Uff"

Me and feadz on a mission, and were starving to fly
its little uffie of course, bout to get buck wild
on this beat that you hear, its the girl that you fear

and if you dont enjoy this %#@!, you can get outta hear
but yo one day you will see me, breaking out in miami
doin x rated shows, from houston to st louis

yo im that damn crazy brat, and i dont give a $#[email protected]
i got my man, my sound, my glass, and im ready to $#[email protected]
iiii iiiii i i i im ready to $#[email protected], im ready ready im ready to $#[email protected] $#[email protected] $#[email protected] $#[email protected], im ready ready im ready to $#[email protected] $#[email protected] $#[email protected] $#[email protected], uffie uffie uffie uffie uffie of course, iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim uffie of course, im uffie of course

no i dont belong here, and im free as a cop
cause my parents aint near, im unable to stop
yo not owned by one nation, im the child of the world

see i got frustrations, they about to be heard
see a trick that looks shiny, and all the guys getting horney
but all this %#@! is so corney, (*##$ aint got nothin on me

yea i used to be like that, but i upgraded my scale
all these girls are so whack, now its first class i hail
first class first class firstclass i hail, miami i hail i hail i hail miami

i i i i i i i i hail first class i hail
the people are looking and the heads are turning
but what you see in the morning, is that you coochie is burning

yea you a pathetic [email protected]^%, who always wanted more
but when he walks through the door, your knees drop to the floor
now hoes got dreams as well, tryin to make a pimo proud

its a fantasy to sell, when your heads with the clouds
these ladies are pro actors, got men thinkin they above
but inside adding up factors, thats why they get no love

tryin tryin tryin tryin to make a pimp proud, now hoes got dreams as well trying to make a pimp proud, trying tryin tryin tryin to make a pimp proud, hoes make a pimp make a pimp hoes make a pimp proud

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