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Uffie : Art Of Uff lyrics

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Uffie lyrics : "Art Of Uff"

I know, I know
You're so tired to hear about what I do
About what I smoke

What I drink
What I cook for my husband
All the travels I do

All the %#@! I got for free
It's just like it's all about me
Me, me, me all the time

I so understand you
But guess what
Me and my stupid flow

Me and my MySpace
With only three tracks a year
And they still talk about me

Let me bust this beat
I am the one they call Uff

I am the diamond in the rough
I came to $#&@ %#@! up
You know Paris is on the map

We got the freshest sound
Your kid is digging all our tracks
The verses please your mom

You might have seen me on the tour
With my cowboy boots
Kicking the electronic crowd

With my hip hop roots
I get higher and higher
Each time you're playing my track

This sound is smacking your $$#
My voice is touching your heart
So bang your head, you silly (*##$

I know you're feeling the heat
The noise is running through your spinal column
Down to your feet

You've got to let yourself go
Uffie is taking you out
A place you've never seen before

And you might never come back
Here is my flight commander suit
Your ears might hurt a bit

But I'll make sure you get a treat
When we fly off this beat
It's time to return your seat to the upright position

You will find me available to answer your questions
That's some damn good crackers you bring here, son
Serious, these are the best crackers I've tasted in along time

Can you put some cheese on it for me?
And throw something at me when it's ready
Yes I can give it to you (*##$

But can you handle this %#@!
You wanna taste the sweetest lips
And fly with me on the trip

The little Uff is about to make your sleazy dreamscome true
Even the synth get excited
When I'm a put it on you

If you are good enough with me
I will speak French for you
Baby, jevoudrais juste te faire l'amour jusqu'au bout

La vie estbien trop courte: tu devrais en profiter
Je n'ai pastoute la nuit, alors viens m'embrasser
I wanna hear you scream my name

As you feel the pressure
Use the button on your left
If you need a doctor

Uffie's high up in this (*##$
And while she gets stronger
All you stupid faking fools

Copying our own sound

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