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UB40 : The Key lyrics

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UB40 lyrics : "The Key"

Trenchtown Jamaica
Gave the Wailers their soun'
Like a steppin' razor

The Brother Tosh 'im come aroun'
Yellow Man and Eek-A-Mouse
Dem a trod 'pon newer groun'

While Scratch and The Scientist
Dem jus' keep on mixin' down.

The mighty General and Eastwood
Draw me out of my seat
The Lone Ranger ride in

To rock me' pon me feet
The dreaded Flabba Holt and Style Scott
Start fe put down a radical beat

Wid Mistra Isaacs
Puttin' melodies so sweet.

[Ad lib]


Reggae music is
The key to ny heart
Reggae music is

My stop and start
From dusk to dawn
The music is my high.

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