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UB40 : I Really Can't Say lyrics

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UB40 lyrics : "I Really Can't Say"

I really can't say
How I feel right now

I would if I could
But I don't know how
Just give me some time

And I'll come around
I'll pick myself up
I'll dust myself down

Let's leave it at that
I don't want to fight

Don't say anything that you may regret
In fact, it's the last thing I need tonight
Your words in my head are hard to forget


Let's leave it for now
Let's call it a day
We don't have to talk about this anymore

That look on you face gave it all away
We've travelled these roads many times before


Let's leave it alone

Before it's too late
Give it a rest for a moment or two
We can pick it back up at a later date

If you feel that's what you have to do

[Chorus 4x]

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