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UB40 : I Love It When You Smile lyrics

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UB40 lyrics : "I Love It When You Smile"

I love it when you smile
When you're with me honey

It happens all the while
How it kills me when you cry
And you know my heart

That's no word of a lie

Everyday you show me something new about you

Honestly I could never live without you
Look at me here's a soul who'll never doubt you
And I will be forever by your side


Probably the greatest feeling I have ever known
Actually is when you wrap yourself around me
Promise me you'll stay now that I've found you

And I will be forever by your side


And you could say you've heard it all before
And I know that anyday you may walk out the door

When I say no one will love you more believe me
And I will be forever by your side


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